Keratin Complex Smoothing

Did you know that Keratin Complex Smoothing category is a selection of treatments to cater for all hair fabrics. The full portfolio of customisable keratin smoothing treatments is designed to make your hair healthier while addressing individual needs and hair type. Each of our treatments eliminates frizz, increases manageability, repairs damage, and leaves the hair noticeably softer with luminous shine! Created with Signature Keratin, these revenue ramping services can add significantly to your bottom line.

Delivering solutions to client’s hair issues, in addition to creating untapped revenue, Keratin Complex offers a total of 4 treatments within its’ smoothing portfolio. Express Blow Out (in only 1 Hour), Personalized Blow Out (create individual looks), KC Smooth (best for manageability) and KC Texture (best for curl!)

Try the System Kits at £125 + VAT. 01442 248104 @rebelbeautybrands