Kick start 2020

“Clinics and salons outside of London are reporting weekly revenues of between £1000 and £2000 per device.”

Kick start the new year with some of the most exciting new treatments in aesthetics from the JETT Plasma Fire and Ice Range. As we get started in 2020, you’ll want to get your hands on the next big thing that is going to transform your revenue.

What’s New? What’s on trend?

JETT MEDICAL has just released 2 very exciting new devices with incredible ROI.

We all know of JETT MEDICAL Plasma Pen, winners of “supplier of the year” and “skin tightening device of the year” 2019 at the “My Face My Body Awards.”

JETT Plasma is the next generation technology for skin tightening and stimulating collagen production due to its Advanced Direct Current Technology.

The unique patented DC Plasma technology offers more control, precision and stability and diversity than any other plasma pens in the market.

Now there are 2 JETT Plasma pens in the market; the JETT MEDICAL with 8 power setting for full medical applications including gynaecology, dermatology and many more, and the JETT PROFFI with 5 power settings for all aesthetic the treatments. Both plasma pens come with free level 4 accredited Plasma Lift training and 5 unique treatment heads.

Why is Jett Plasmas safer?

When using other alternating current (AC) devices, the plasma is discharged intermittently and charges both the – and + ions in the air to cause a small magnetic field that splits the plasma arc into a plasma shower with a force down towards the skin and back towards the tips which are changed due to the fact that the force of this action actually destroys the treatment tip during the each treatment.

As no one can control how many – and + are in the air around us at any time, the plasma shower will vary in size and direction causing not only the dots on the surface to be considerably larger and varied in size, but most importantly the depth in to the skin will also vary with every dot. This is caused through the magnetic force and lack of control on AC plasma current causing uneven healing and excessive damage to the surface of the skin. As aesthetic practitioners we want controlled damage not just damage for the sake of damage.

Now that the JETT PROFFI is in the UK marketplace, there is a JETT Plasma Pen for all budgets as well as some amazing New Year offers. With treatments starting from £300 upwards even on finance you are in profit from just one treatment per month.

Jett Plasma Pens treatments include:

Deep lines and wrinkles – Fine lines and wrinkles – Skin reduction – Skin lifting and tightening – Skin health – Non-invasive blepharoplasty – Under Eye Bags – Thread veins/ Telangiectasia – Warts – Skin Tags – Fibromas – Pigment / Age spots -Smoothing scars – Fibroma – Verruca’s and much more.

And if that wasn’t enough for you, JETT now have exclusive distribution of the TruCryo KaasenLife spot cryotherapy device.

TruCryo is a UK manufactured face and body cryo-sculpting device, taking the aesthetic world by storm with athletes, A-listers and influencers around the globe seeking out this treatment for everything from pain relief to instant inch-loss!

This sleek, handheld device is different to anything you have seen before. Using carbon dioxide gas, it cools targeted areas of the face and body down to 4OC in a matter of seconds, tightening skin, treating conditions such as psoriasis and destroying fat cells.

The TruCryo advanced cryo-aesthetics device offers you a huge variety of treatments with just one device – everything you need is included and presented in a rather sexy briefcase.

Because treatments last from a few seconds to a few minutes, with immediate results, this device is proving to be a huge revenue earner for clinics and salons throughout the world.

Clinics and salons outside of London are reporting weekly revenues of between £1000 and £2000 per device. Some clinics in London are charging up to £1000 for a facial using the TruCryo KaasenLife!

This is one of 2020’s hottest new treatments and with Jett’s support and marketing you will increase your client base and revenue in no time!

TruCryo’ s range of treatments include everything from the one-off red-carpet facial of body sculpting for events to long lasting anti-aging and inch loss treatment as a course and depending on your qualification, it can also be used for pain relief and sports injury recovery.