Lipo-Light Body Shaping treatment improves Salon’s bottom line


A rapidly expanding UK chain of specialist body enhancement clinics is seeing particular success from investing in Lipo-Light, a new non-invasive body sculpting treatment.

The Body Boutique brand launched in early 2011, and now has nine clinics located in London and the South. The treatment at the core of this business is Lipo-Light, which uses LED light therapy to aid inch loss.

The Farnham branch of Body Boutique, which is run as an independent clinic within an existing beauty salon, has averaged more than £1,250 per week in revenue from its Lipo-Light system so far.

“We wanted to offer treatments that people could have at any time and then continue as normal with their day and Lipo-Light fits that bill perfectly,” says Wayne Elliott, director and joint-owner of Body Boutique.

Lipo-Light requires only minimal staff involvement, to apply the pads and start the machine, leaving therapists free to carry out other treatments or duties during the 20 minute treatment time.

Lipo-Light‘s LED light technology stimulates the fat burning process or lypolysis. To ensure best results, clients must also perform at least 30 minutes of exercise within 12 hours of each treatment, to stimulate lymphatic drainage and further encourage the fat burning process.

“One of our keys to success with this system has been to work closely with nearby health clubs or studios to offer combined treatment packages. This is a win-win situation as our clients get great results and the facility has the opportunity to gain a new member,” says Wayne.

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