Making removal easy

We’ve got all the details on the new VeeFree Vivid in Colour Remover created for professionals by hair colour removal expert, Scott Cornwall.

Scott, why did you create VeeFree Vivid in Colour Remover?

“I had created a lot of home hair colour remover kits, using reduction agents (known for that eggy perm smell).   Reduction agent removers are brilliant for home use, as they allow people who have selected a shade perhaps too dark or too tonal, to reverse a permanent hair colour result without quickly and effectively.   However, reduction agent removers are not ideal for salon use, because they require quite a large booking slot and must be conducted in a certain way if re-colouring immediately afterwards, otherwise you will get re-oxidation.  In addition, reduction agent removers do not work on direct dyes.

How does Vivid in Colour remover work?

“This is an oxidation-based remover.   So, whilst it does contain a persulfate, the formula is incredibly controlled and does not feature any kind of ammonia or PH raising agents.  When I was developing this product, I wanted the remover to act efficiently on artificial colour molecules, but I did not want it to begin indiscriminately oxidizing all the hair fibres.   Most importantly, it is highly effective at removing direct dyes.  You must remember, often hair that has been treated with vivid and direct dyes has been previously bleached.  This means the hair is vulnerable.   The Vivid in Colour Remover is both quick and incredibly gentle, so it will ease out the unwanted colour but leave behind a clean, healthy canvas for re-colouring.   I also wanted to think of an environmental way to deliver the product.  So, each application comes in a sachet as opposed to a plastic container.

How is Vivid in Colour remover applied?

“Vivid in Colour Remover should give professional colourists a quick solution to removing a current (unwanted) hair colour, to a replace with a new one.   Unlike bleach bathing, Vivid in Colour removal is predicable and controlled.   The treatment can be applied at either the chair or the backwash, before preparing the hair and commencing with your client’s new colour treatment.   Clients are also finding the Vivid in Colour Remover treatment an excellent way to introduce the Olaplex Part 1 Bond Multiplier to the hair.  You simply mix the Olaplex Part 1 with the Vivid in Colour Remover and Developer, process to removal and continue with the Olaplex Part 2.   Here, the unwanted colour is removed, and the hair structurally reinforced prior to re-colouring.”

How does Caine @ cbfhair find the Vivid in Colour removal process?

Caine @cbfhair says finding a remover that is cruelty free and vegan friendly is a bonus and short of typical bleach bathing, there were few options available for removing stubborn direct dyes.   Because you often have a bleached base to begin with, it’s always concerning to begin re-bleaching the hair, even at the lowest levels of developer.   However, the Vivid in Colour Remover is an easy alternative and it’s very controlled in how it removes.   It’s also quick and gets vivids out evenly.   I love the fact you can add Olaplex to it, as this really strengthens the hair prior to the next colour.”