Feet deserve a Sensi-Pedi

Using uplifting natural fragrances and essential oils our Sensi-Pedi range delivers a luxuriant pedicure which delights the senses and improves your client’s sense of wellbeing.

At Dermatonics we are passionate about YOUR FEET.

Our friendly team are based in Cambridgeshire. Our British foot creams and balms are widely prescribed by the NHS and used by leading podiatrists and chiropodists.

NEW Sensi-Pedi range

Our new Sensi-Pedi range includes an invigorating Sensory Foot Soak with lime essential oil and coconut and a Sensory Foot Scrub with lime oil and a natural coconut shell exfoliator. The feet are moisturised with either our Heel Balm with manuka honey or Hard Skin Removing Balm scented with sweet blossom aromas. The sensi-Pedi is completed with a spray of Deodorising Fizzy Foot Foam which has been formulated with menthol and manuka honey to produce a unique fizzing sensation, leaving your feet cooled, soothed and ready to put your shoes back on.

We spoke to Manager Shirley and Beauty Therapist Caroline from The Lounge Hair and Beauty in Bedlington, Northumberland who has been using the Sensi-Pedi products for a number of months.

Shirley explained that it was the attractive packaging that initially caught her eye. She was impressed by the helpful and friendly advice from the Dermatonics team and their glowing product reviews.

We asked Caroline how she was getting on since switching to use Dermatonics products

“I absolutely love them and enjoy doing pedicures more now because the products are so good”

The products I was using before were good but didn’t penetrate as deep as the Dermatonics ones. The results are visible, you can see straightaway that the Heel Balm is working on the dead and hard skin. It is important to me to work with quality products that I believe in, you need to work with quality products to get the results that you want.

The Foot Soak and Scrub both smell lovely. The Scrub is rich but also quite gritty and gets rid of dead flaky skin.

The products have definitely made a positive impact on the number of pedicures we have been doing and people have been coming back more frequently.

I also do reflexology and would use the Heel Balm and Fizzy Foot Foam in those treatments too

What do your clients think of the products?

They love the Fizzy Foot Foam for its fizziness and crackle and how cool it makes their feet feel, it’s a fun product and great for hot or sore feet.

They love the scents and how softer their feet feel after the treatment. It makes them feel good and so I am happy as well. One lady came back to say how good her feet feel after using the Heel Balm every day.

Clients have bought the products after the pedicure because they think they are so good. They not only work but they are an affordable price which means that clients can use them at home as well. As Christmas approaches, we will be making gift boxes for clients to purchase which I am sure will make them more popular. The sample sachets that Dermatonics offer is a great idea – I am a believer in try before you buy.

Natural ingredients that are Vegan and Vegetarian friendly

The products are supported with ingredient ‘Sensoids’ to enhance patient’s sense of wellbeing. Caroline explained that that she is all for natural ingredients and likes to point out the ingredients and their properties to her clients.

Visit our website www.dermatonics .co.uk or give us a call on 01480 462901. We would be delighted to talk to you about our products, offers and the fantastic margins from selling the products yourself.