Motivational networking

Owner of Impress Aesthetics, Rufaro Chitima, is proud to be launching her Women’s Empowering Networking Event: Impress & Empower. In this exclusive interview, we find out more about the event and the benefits it presents business women in the hair and beauty industry.


You have recently launched your Impress & Empower event, what was the inspiration behind this?

I’m a huge advocate for women thriving and creating businesses. It’s fulfilling to run a business and help women become self-sufficient. I am inspired to do this because of my own background; I first became self-employed back in 2016, I was a single Mum of two struggling to find my way in building a brand and a business. Looking back, I would have hugely benefitted from an event like this.  It’s encouraging to meet other like-minded business women and knowing there are different avenues for support from industry professionals. I’ve always been taught to help and support others where possible and my new Women’s Empowerment events are helping me to push women to believe in themselves.


What can we expect from the networking events by Impress Aesthetics? 

The event will bring together a group of industry professionals from all different career paths, such as: Accountants, Business Mentors, Social Media Marketing Professionals and successful business women in the beauty industry. As a group, the event offers the chance to speak to network and speak to other women to inspire and provide support. On top of this, we supply food and beverage, live DJs to elevate the atmosphere and an overall positive energy. Networking never looked so fun!


What will you learn from the Impress Aesthetics, Women’s Empowerment Networking Event?

Visit our Networking Events to gain a strong sense of understanding of the highs and lows of running a business. We’ll also present all of the benefits of being self-employed, as well as the details that go into accomplishing your dream job and income. Throughout the session we’ll also cover: how to navigate a business social media account, business accounting, team building and business strategies. Although this event is a business led session, it will also be beneficial to your social life by meeting like-minded empowered individuals.


As a professional in the beauty industry, why is it important to meet like-minded professionals and network? 

Building strong business relationships is important as you can share your skill set, network for future collaborations, and be exposed to new and increased clients. It’s motivational to meet other people who are as eager to succeed as you are.


You have only recently launched the networking event, where do you see the event in the future? 

In the future, I would love to host this event in lots of locations across the UK to help more women believe in themselves and take the plunge to earn a living from doing something they love. The end goal, go global!


To join us, head to our Instagram @impress.empower