Nail Wrap Designs for Every Occasion

The nail art trend is one of the hottest looks for your nails right now and Hollywood Nail Design offer the best range of specialist nail wraps in the UK. Celebrities such as Katy Perry, Rihanna, Lady Gaga and The Saturdays have all been seen wearing various nail art designs and athletes in the Olympics 2012 have even bought a new twist to the trend – adorning their fingernails with their national flags whilst competing in the games.


Nail wraps are made with vinyl film which sticks to both your finger and toenails and can be easily applied and removed. The self-adhesive wraps give a stunning finish and don’t chip like nail varnish – lasting up to 14 days on fingertips and 28 days on toenails.

Hollywood Nail Design is the one-stop shop for the widest range of nail wrap designs – with over 200 designs to choose from. As well as the HND brand, the website sells wraps by Kooky, Trendy and Nail Rock. Plus, HND has just launched their new 3D Nail Wrap collection which gives a textured finish using glitter and diamantes.

Hollywood Nail Design was founded by Katrina Holt in 2011. Katrina is an experienced nail technician with the passion and knowledge to know which products really work. Along with her friendly team of experts, she has hand-picked every nail wrap on the website, as she strives to offer quality to her customers.

Hollywood Nail Design’s selection of nail wraps allows you to pick a design which will suit any outfit or occasion – from a beach holiday to romantic date or even a fancy dress party. There are so many designs to pick from you can enjoy a new look every week!
Contact: Joanna Alsford