New payment app launches to assist mobile hairdressers with managing cashflow

A new app has launched that will help mobile hairdressers with processing payments more quickly, significantly reducing funding delays and assisting with cashflow management. 

The app, called tapeeno, instantly transforms any Android phone into a card payment machine without the need for additional hardware and processes card payments within an hour – significantly reducing the funding delay most businesses experience when taking payments on other card machines or payment acceptance devices.

According to the NHBF (National Hair and Beauty Federation), 63% of people working in the hair and beauty sector are self-employed. Many of them operate as mobile hairdressers who have traditionally had to handle cash payments. However, with the advent of mobile card machines, processing payments has become much easier. Yet, managing payments in this way can still be expensive and inaccessible for start-ups and small businesses that operate with turnovers below £3,000 per month.

Jaime Lowe, Sales Director of UTP Group which developed tapeeno, said:

“tapeeno was developed as a quick, convenient and secure card payment solution for small businesses and sole traders that don’t want to commit to upfront costs or long-term contracts. It’s ideal for mobile hairdressers and beauticians turning over less than £2,500 a month who need a reliable and safe way to process customer payments. 

“tapeeno uses Faster Processing technology which means there’s the huge advantage of receiving funds far more quickly compared to other card machines or payment acceptance devices. There are no fixed costs or hidden charges to use tapeeno – once you are approved, you only pay a 1.50% fee per transaction. This makes it a cost-effective and flexible choice for sole traders and individuals who need to manage cash flow carefully.”

Customers who sign up to tapeeno will need to complete an online application form via the tapeeno website, provide the required ID, and download the tapeeno app to their phone. Approvals are processed within 24 hours.

tapeeno accepts all contactless payments made by Mastercard and Visa and is currently available to download from the Google Play Store on Android phones. 

More information about tapeeno and how to apply can be found on its website or by visiting the Google Play Store.