Opilomed – protected hair dyeing

Opilomed® was the idea of and designed together with an Austrian Master Coiffeur to prevent scalp reactions of clients. It is a highly innovative set of patented mini combs, manufactured in Austria under the highest quality criteria to ensure its precision. The system fits different head shapes and sizes, is flexible and yet absolutely leakproof.

Opilomed® is the perfect solution for clients with sensitive scalp and skin, for those who suffer from various skin conditions like psoriasis and dermatitis, for pregnant women and those nursing – truly for everyone.

Hair dyes contain rather harsh chemicals that necessary to reach a satisfying dye result, as purely natural dyes only allow for a narrow range of shades and hardly can fully cover grey hair. Many clients show adverse reactions to some of these chemicals. Some are strong sensitizers, like PPD, PTD and Resorcinol, while others are hormonal disruptors, causing hair dyes to again and again be discussed as potential carcinogen in scientific studies.

The skin is our biggest organ, and the scalp is a very sensitive part of it. Allergies can have serious implications and once obtained, they are there to stay. Repeat exposure to strong allergens increases the risk of allergy induction, a reason why avoiding contact is the best practice.

Dyeing with Opilomed® is easy to learn and works in three quick steps. You take a strand size the of one Opilomed® mini comb. Then you insert the comb, close it, and apply the dye. This, you repeat strand by strand until the whole head is covered.  

You mostly work with the regular combs (green), until you need to make a curve (blue and red), or cover flatter parts of the head, where you use the joker combs (yellow). It is relatively intuitive, and we have a guide and videos.

What we find very important is to first train on a mannequin head a few times, so you get a good feeling for it and see what works for you and what not. Practice makes perfect and in the end dyeing with Opilomed® just takes an extra 10 to 15 minutes.

Opilomed® does not only allow you to provide your existing clients with a more comfortable dyeing experience. It can help you bring new customers in and lost ones back. How many clients decided to stop dyeing due to discomfort or pregnancy and nursing? Opilomed® helps you to compete over services, not prices and can be used as a tool to shift bookings from busier days to calmer ones by offering dyeing with Opilomed® at a lower rate on normally less booked days. It can be a chargeable add-on service and our experience shows that clients are willing to pay extra for the comfort and safety it provides.

As we want to make the search for a stylist offering this service as easy as possible, we have a shop locator on our homepage where clients can find the nearest Salon – the entry is free for salons, and we further offer marketing material that can be personalized.