As the scheduled day for re-opening grows closer and organisation is imperative, Flirties, talk us through a few tips on how you can cut costs whilst thriving as your doors open post-pandemic.

We are all holding our breath for the day when the beauty sector can re-open and no one knows how busy it is going to be once the doors open so here are a few things to do now in order to be fully prepared and have your business ready to welcome clients.

  • Use the time wisely and take a Health & Safety course online.
  • Check out any other courses that you might want to complete, either to brush up and improve your skills or to learn a new treatment – ready to launch when your clients come back.
  • Try and plan ahead where you want your business to go- look at your social media account and streamline things (you might not have time once you are open again).
  • Check out available offers and discounts with your suppliers to help you restock and save.

Most suppliers will offer rewards to their subscribers so here are a few tips to save with Flirties:

First of all, subscribe to newsletters and follow us on social media @flirtieshq – this way you will be notified about any offers or promotions and you will also be the first to know about new product launches.

If you just missed our half-price sale, then subscribe now so you don’t miss the next offer!

Always look for free delivery options. Most companies will offer this, with us it is free delivery for all UK and Ireland orders over £50 so make sure you stock up when adding items to the basket to take advantage of this.

Look for volume discounts. This means instead of buying 1 item you sometimes get a discount for buying two or alternatively you can save by ordering an essentials pack rather than individual items so you can seriously increase the amount you’re saving with these options. There is no code needed, the website shows you the available discounts on the product page and you can also see the options in your basket.

Loyalty discounts are fantastic as you literally save as you spend, meaning the more money you spend, the higher the saving. If you are a regular Flirties customer, you will have seen your discount online but if you are new to Flirties it is not too late to register with us so you can start earning towards your loyalty discount.

Join our affiliate scheme and share your code with others. Each time someone uses your code to buy items you EARN MONEY – and they get a discount too! It only takes seconds and can add up to quite a bit, so why not try it?

Recommend us online – We do keep an eye out for recommendations so that we can reward this.

Check out how many products you can buy from each supplier. Remember, the more you can buy from one supplier the more you save, not only delivery charges (use the free delivery option) but also volume discounts, loyalty savings, vouchers for referrals etc. You want to maximise your savings by using ALL these options to increase your profit margin and earn more money.

Tag us in your social media posts for a chance to get your work featured across our social media profiles. Simply use @flirtieshq and say why you love Flirties – your account might get a boost with our help!

These are just a few tips to help you but if you would like us to do an account review please get in touch and we will have a look to see how much more you can save.