Practice your way to success

Alena Hand is a world-leading innovator of Nail Industry practice supports and accessories, fuelled by passion for quality and breaking limits. Founded in 2020 by Fabrice Benard and Maria Gamaley. In an exclusive interview with the Founders, we find out more about the brand and how they can
elevate your nail services.

Introduce us to Aleana Hand.
Our innovative brand is internationally recognised for the most realistic practice supports on the market. We achieve this by rigorous recreation of the natural look of a hand or foot down to the finest details such as lifelike skin texture, veins, creases, skin tones and undertones. Quality is our utmost priority. Fabrice’s French heritage, expertise and experience in the silicone prosthetic industry has been fundamental in developing Aleana Hand high-end products. Maria’s academic training as an artist and interior designer combined with her passion and
talent for art brings the creative spirit behind the brand.

How can Aleana Hand elevate a nail artist’s expertise and talent?
Our model’s extraordinary resemblance with real hands and feet makes it an invaluable tool for mastering skills and growing businesses through showcasing work on social media and to clients in the salon. Experimenting with techniques and styles without the pressure of working on a real person and practising repetitions without timely removals or risking damage to natural nails gives you the opportunity to significantly accelerate your progress, improve service speed, quality, confidence and unleash your creativity. Our practice support range as well as desk and tool protecting mats are invaluable tools in nail salons and in the education sector. Ultimately, if you are looking to take your skills, career or business to the next level, whether that’s preparing yourself for Nail Championship or teaching students, choose Aleana Hand. Reinvent the way you showcase, practice and teach your craft.


What gives the Aleana Hand range a competitive edge?
The list is long, but here are the main key factors:
Realism – Lifelike models designed to look and feel “almost alive” thanks to high-quality materials specifically formulated by us.
Handcrafted – Each model is individually handcrafted with passion and care.
Customisation – We offer one-of-a-kind, custom tattoos on our models and custom logo mats to meet individual preferences.
Unique Magnetic System – Holds Aleana models with ease and stability.
Advanced Manufacturing Process – allows for the finished product to be free of faint seam around the models.
Inovation – We continuously create new products for the Nail industry incorporating the latest materials and technologies, striving to bring fresh ideas and more functional products than ever before.

How can our readers work with you?
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Nail Technician who elevated her technique using Aleana Hand ~
“I would recommend you a thousand times over to aspiring nail techs who are tired of inferior practice hands that just can’t stand up to your level of excellence. Your practice hands save money in the long run.”