Preserving your hair colour

Did you know that the sun and heat can fade your vivid colours quicker? Directions’ Hair Colour give their top 5 tips in keeping your fashion colours for longer this SS22.

  1. Pay close attention to your roots
    Always start from your roots when colouring your hair, as this is the area where regrowth will happen fastest and is the newest hair, so having a longer development time is beneficial.
  2. Use specific colour-protecting shampoos and conditioners
    Not all shampoos and conditioners are created for coloured hair, and some are far from friendly for semi-permanent dyes. Make sure to check out Directions Colour Protecting Shampooand Directions Colour Protecting Conditioner which are both formulated especially for this purpose.
  3. Shampoo less regularly
    Over time, any and all water or shampoos on your hair will cause colour to fade away faster, so bare this in mind when you’re dipping in the pool or sea – it may be worth tying your hair up!
  4. Wash with cold or lukewarm water
    When you do have to brave the shower and put your hair on the line, wash with cold or lukewarm water. Colder water will keep your hair cuticles closed up, stopping colour from running out as quickly.
  5. Protection from swimming and sunlight
    As mentioned above, this time of year isn’t great news for active swimmers and sunbathers – hair colour doesn’t react well to either of these. If you really care about your colour that much, then sun hats, swimming hats and UV hair protectors are highly recommended.