PureGenex Launch New Website


PureGenex, the foremost pioneers of non-invasive inch loss and aesthetic technology, have launched a very new and different version of our website. As technology is ever changing and we re-focus our product line, we felt it was time our website grew up a little bit, not just aesthetically but also in content and functionality.

Our goal is to provide a high quality experience for all our customers every time they visit the site, with innovative and informative features and content. To improve on our past website we have integrated many new features including a clinic locator and on-line shop, bringing improved value and increased accessibility to our customers.

We have also now joined the social media conversation and hope that you will engage in this with us. We want to communicate and connect with you on all your favorite social sites, so please look for our pages and posts on Facebook and Twitter!

As you explore our website you will find a great deal of information relating to our products, the technologies leveraged and the market-leading packages we provide to enhance the business of our customers. The on-line shop also brings direct access to all the accessories and consumables needed to provide the high value treatments, enabled by our multi-function inch loss and aesthetic platforms.

Finally but perhaps most importantly, the new website adds immediate value to our PureGenex Approved Clinics through the inclusion of a clinic locator. This is a great tool, leveraging our market presence to drive new business to our customers.

If you’re looking for a new business opportunity, or to expand your existing business, take a look at our new website (www.PureGenex.co.uk), or contact our friendly sales team at Email: sales@puregenex.co.uk / Tel: 01273 929405