Ready, Set, Summer

The booking solution experts at Fresha are here to share their five business tactics to get  your salon SET for a business-soaring summer!


With the arrival of summer, the potential for your salon’s growth soars. People will be looking to update their styles, get treatments they weren’t able to book during colder months, and will be more likely to book at all hours. To leverage this, preparation is key. Explore our five step checklist to make summer a success.


Take bookings online

Make sure clients can easily find you and book online, 24/7. Using a booking platform like Fresha lets clients self-book and manage their summer appointments online. The best of all? You can add a “Book Now” button to your social and website, linking straight to your online calendar.


Launch summer packages via text

Create irresistible summer packages, like a beach-ready bikini wax and hydrating facial combo, to attract clients. Then, capitalise on the high open rates of text messages to effectively promote these deals to your clients’ on-the-go.


Offer trending summer styles

From sun-kissed hair colours to colourful nail art, summer brings a new wave of beauty trends. Stay ahead of the curve by following leading online publications and popular beauty influencers. Then, add the hottest summer trends to your service list; your clients will love booking the most sought-after looks.


Protect your business with deposits

Summer brings new clients, but also no-show risks. Mitigate this by taking deposits based on service value when clients book. Set up a cancellation policy and ensure it’s clearly communicated during booking, covering potential revenue loss and gaps in your schedule.


Get your staff summer-rush-ready

Empower your team to manage their time seamlessly with an online booking platform like Fresha. Enable instant notifications to keep your team updated on appointment changes, and keep track of their performance with reporting tools so you can reward staff for their hard work.


Fresha: your secret weapon for winning this summer

Fresha gives you every tool you need to create impactful summer marketing campaigns, protect your business from no-shows, and manage your appointments and staff with ease through the summer rush. All from one subscription-free platform, built to help salons succeed.


Join the world’s #1 booking platform for salons now for free, and make summer 2023 a success.