Reducing Costs

During the cost of living crisis, many salon owners and beauty professionals will have noticed the rising costs of bills and expenses. Whilst you could increase your prices, some clients may not be able to afford this.


So, how do you retain clients and improve your margins? The key is to reduce your treatment costs. Here are four ways to do this.


Be mindful of the amount of product you use

It might sound simple, but carefully consider the amount of product you need and then compare this quantity to how much you use. You can make your products go further by being more frugal. Remember, more product doesn’t always lead to better results and by tweaking product usage habits, you might find yourself repurchasing stock less frequently.


Use reusable tools

Although reusables can be more costly to purchase initially, in the long run they will have a positive impact on your profits. Plus, most reusable tools are made from materials that won’t soak up excess product. Consider how much less brow lamination solution you’d use if you applied it with a silicone tool compared to a microfiber-tipped applicator!


Consider a Hybrid System

If you offer both brow lamination and lash lift treatments, you might find a dual system more cost-effective. This is likely to be the case if you do more of one treatment than the other and often find yourself throwing away unfinished bottles or sachets. We recommend trying Elleebana’s Elleeplex Profusion system or Supercilium’s Brow and Lash Glaze.


Go for products with a low cost per treatment 

If you’ve adjusted to the steps above but still aren’t satisfied with your product margins, it might be time to swap out your products for those with a lower CPT. To work out the CPT, divide the product cost by the number of treatments estimated by the manufacturer. For example, Apraise’s PPD-free line of tints comes in at around 18p per treatment (including developer) and ÉLAN’s Lash Curl Up lifting solutions cost only £1.92 per treatment (for steps 1 and 2 including VAT).


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