Revel Nail Launches Sea Glass Collection

Revel Nail, a company specializing in nail dip powders, has launched its new Sea Glass Collection, available for purchase on April 21st, 2021.

The Sea Glass Collection includes six new, jelly dip powder shades. This collection will be available in individual .5oz jars, retailing for €6.99, as well as 2oz jars, retailing for €21.99. The full .5oz bundle will be available for €39.49, and the full 2oz bundle will be available for €126.99.

“Sea Glass is a very unique collection for us. It’s not like anything we’ve ever done before,” said Phon Malone, co-founder. “Jelly nail dip is something we’ve seen grow in popularity over the years. We’re confident this new collection of crème, shimmer, and flake jellies will fulfill all of our customer’s needs.”

The new collection exclusively contains sheer, jelly dip inspired by various shades of sea glass. Named after different seas, the new shades include Flores Sea, Mediterranean Sea, Sulu Sea, Baltic Sea, Aegean Sea, and Caspian Sea.

“What I love most about the Sea Glass Collection is its versatility,” said Keeli Malone, co-founder. “The colorful sheer shades make the collection perfect for spring and summer, but these shades can be paired with so many of our already existing dip powders as accent colors or toppers, as well. I think our customers will have a lot of fun thinking of new color combinations with this collection.”

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