Salon Plan makes salon style guilt free

We have all heard it – incomes are shrinking, bills are rising and households are feeling the squeeze.  In order to keep your clients visiting and making their hair and beauty care an essential part of their lifestyle you want to make those visits affordable without slashing your prices and hurting your brand.

That’s where Salon Plan can help.  By giving clients a chance to pay monthly by Direct Debit for their hair and beauty care, you make it easy for them to manage their finances   When a client needs a cut, a facial or a manicure before a weekend away, they can feel happy that they have already budgeted for it, plus they will enjoy an exclusive discount as a reward for their loyalty so they won’t need to shop around for those daily discount deals.

Direct Debit is the preferred payment method for over 50% of the UK bill paying population, and 79% of adults are positively disposed towards Direct Debits but until now it has not been readily available to salon clients. Salon Plan is the simplest way of giving your clients this choice.

Handling Direct Debit payments and working out instalments is not something a busy salon owner needs to deal with. To make things easy Salon Plan creates dedicated pages for your business with all your services, price levels and choice of discounts and gifts.   Your clients visit this site and can set up a Plan – completely customised to their own needs – in just a few minutes.  Salon Plan then sends your client a membership pack and handles their monthly payments for you.  Each month you receive a cash transfer of Salon Plan credits and your clients use that credit when they visit your salon.

Planning is made easier for you – as well as your clients. Salon Plan clients pay monthly in advance and they are committed to a year’s worth of payments.  Your cash flow improves, you have a guaranteed income and you don’t have to keep giving away your services at cut down prices just to fill up your books.

Joining Salon Plan is affordable – the cost to your business is around the value of just one cut & finish or facial a month and this includes a comprehensive marketing pack to help you build awareness of this great new scheme. It only takes a few days for you to be set up and ready to go – so get ahead of the competition and join soon.


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