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Welcome to grtfl, a cashless tipping and feedback platform to boost staff earning potential and alleviate ‘tip admin’ and costs from your business. 

How does grtfl differ to a regular tipping function within salon management software? 

grtfl automatically collects and distributes all tips fairly and transparently, without it going through the business. It runs seamlessly in the background for your salon. Knowing the difficulty of whether to take tips on the card machine, grtfl acts as a commercial agent to facilitate cashless tipping between your customers and your team; with the money going straight to the individual, without it touching the business so the same rules apply to their tips through grtfl, as cash tips.

Key benefits: 

  • Boosted income through more tips for the team
  • Less admin and cost of processing charges for the salon
  • Full transparency on tips and feedback for the team and business
  • Instant funds for staff members
  • Allows multiple people to be tipped in one transaction. For example, a junior and stylist, so no one misses out, and everyone has instant access to their funds.
  • All devices are custom branded to salon specifications. 


How it works:


  1. The customer scans the QR code in the salon or NFC receiver (the same technology used for contactless payments).
  2. The customer chooses who they want to leave a tip for and the amount they want to leave.
  3. The customer pays on either Apple Pay, Google Pay or by entering their card details. The software automatically picks up the relevant payment method.


grtfl can not only increase staff earning potential and boost morale, but it also takes the weight off your shoulders for having to deal with tip management. Through the new dashboard, it instantly shows you feedback and ratings from customers along with which staff are performing best.


With a range of solutions available, grtfl can create custom co-branded stands, stickers, and cards for your salon. Furthermore, grtfl can seamlessly integrate into your existing salon management software.

Benefits for business owners:

  • Zero cost to install or create a membership. 
  • Helps the business move towards being cashless. You don’t have to worry about having cash in the till to pay the staff on tips given.
  • Increases the value of tips, and team earnings by up to 30%.
  • A dashboard gives full visibility over team performance and reviews, ready at your fingertips. 
  • Allows for all team members to be rewarded.
  • Directly reduces costs for the salon in the current economic climate. 
  • The business is no longer having to pay the transaction fees and taxes on tip transactions going through the business.