Skin friendly hair removal

Waxing has evolved from an uncomfortable experience to a luxury treatment. It’s essential to get to know your clients’ skin and take care of it throughout. Understanding your pre and post-products means you can offer a reliable and efficient service, with a guaranteed reduction in sensation. Waxing experts LYCON, outline their top tips.


Prepare the skin with a gentle cleanser that contains an antiseptic agent to remove make up, surface oils and residue from the skin. This helps to sooth the skin, resulting in less redness or irritation. 

Hair follicles open when waxing, which exposes them to bacteria that can become inflamed and lead to Folliculitis. This is a form of skin irritation characterised by tender red spots on the skin’s surface that originate from the hair follicle. Cleansing the skin prior to the wax will greatly reduce the risk of this.


Pre-Waxing Oil creates a barrier between the skin and the wax, giving an additional layer of protection. This prevents wax from sticking to the skin, meaning there’s no skin tugging or lifting, resulting in a reduction in sensation.

A little oil goes a long way; you only need to massage a small amount, allowing the wax to firmly grip onto the unwanted hair and pull it directly from the root, skin unscathed!

  1. HOT WAX 

Using a quality wax that can pull short stubborn hairs and leave no sticky residue will improve the results and help to ease any discomfort, leaving your client feeling satisfied and sure to return.

Hot Wax alleviates reactions from shaving, such as inflammation and discolouration, as the skin isn’t exposed to friction from shaving – not to mention, you aren’t at risk of any nicks or cuts. 

Say goodbye to irritable and itchy stubble! The skin will remain smooth from the renewal of the hair follicle to when the hair shaft reaches the skin’s surface. If hair is pulled from the root repeatedly, the hair follicle gets progressively weaker, and regrowth becomes sparser and finer. This also results in fewer ingrown hairs, so it’s a win-win for the skin!


Cleansing after waxing removes any stray particles from the surface that could otherwise enter the open follicles. This also encourages the follicles to close, preventing a potential reaction.


Finally, applying a finishing oil or lotion that contains active healing ingredients, will help soothe any response from the skin during the procedure. Don’t forget, this completes the treatment so use this as a last opportunity to pamper your client!

Taking care of your clients’ skin will keep them hair-free and happy, resulting in trust and customer loyalty. With LYCON, you have the power to save their skin!