Spring beauty trends

Dewy skin and a pastel pop have been forecasted this season by some of the UK’s leading makeup artists – spring time could bring out your clients’ softer side.

With spring time fast approaching, it’s time to switch up your makeup and be on the ball when your clients ask you for the perfect seasonal look – good job we have some of the best names in the business to lend a hand on what’s hot this season.

Celebrity makeup artist Krystal Dawn has told us that April and May will be all about radiating glow and highlighting natural beauty with a stripped back look.

Krystal told us how certain looks are overpowering trends which have been popular for a while because of the change in season: “Naturally pink/rosy flushed cheeks are taking over from the overly contoured looks we’re used to. It’s time to think more about cream and gel type blushes to get that natural glow without looking powdery. I can see this spreading through to the eyes and lips – lots of multi-use products that you can use on eyes, lips and cheeks come into play.”

She predicts that glossy lips and neutral eye pallets will be popular this spring time: “My clients come to me and ask for fresh, peachy, glowing looks. I think the ‘Instagram’ style of makeup (cut creases, heavy bases, over-bronzed orange cheeks) is becoming less desirable as we move into spring.”

Krystal also spoke about seasonal changes, saying: “Skin changes throughout the season, so foundation bases change (dry skin through winter etc.) and colour changes, with people being naturally more tanned in the warmer months. Christmas is full on party season, so a lot of people will use this as an excuse to be able to go all out and try that glitter, smoky eye they never usually have. Throughout summer I find people are more open to playing with colours. Festival goers will go for tribal markings or face gems, whereas this would never happen at any other time in the year.

“I like spring as I tend to stay clear of heavy or overly powdered bases. I like to see skin. Makeup is about enhancing rather than covering and I feel the spring looks will show this.”

‘Pastel’ is a key word this season for famous Instagram makeup artist, Jade Ewen. She explained to The Salon Magazine: “During spring, pastels always seem to make a comeback. Baby pinks and mint greens are stunning, just to give a pop of colour to the eyes. Huda Beauty has just launched a range of new liquid eyeshadows which I think will be really popular in the coming months. They have some beautiful colours”.

Jade offers celebrity, film, TV and fashion makeovers in Kent, London and Essex; admitting, she is “living her dream”.

Another feature which Jade thinks will be making an appearance this season are freckles. Fear not if your clients are freckle free, as she has the perfect answer: “Faux freckles (using Freck! Pen – which can be found on beautybay.com) or letting natural freckles show through, paired with dewy skin gives a fresh, youthful feel and I think this will be really popular in the spring season too”. Pairing the faux freckles with the hint of a pastel colour which Jade spoke about, will scream ‘spring time’ and is a great way to secure that makeup transition from winter – subtle but visible.

Essex based, premium eyelash suppliers Pinkfishes have a range of lashes including strips and trays which have been worn by reality TV stars Lucy Mecklenburgh and Georgia Harrison. Based on the looks which Jade and Krystal chose for a typical spring makeover, Annie, owner of Pinkfishes said that a perfect pairing would be the PF3 OR PF5 lash. She opted for this style as they are natural but tasteful. They give length and lift without being ‘too dramatic’. The lashes match the natural colours which the makeup artists chose for a typical spring look as they’re subtle but fluffy and compliment the look perfectly.

Annie agreed with Jade and Krystal’s spring trend choices: “We would say cat eye makeup is going to be popular with clients this season. Use a natural, and not too heavy, winged liner paired with gloss and shimmer on the lid. Accompany this with Pinkfishes lashes to complete the look. Pinks and peaches are always a great colour for the spring, giving a fresh and light effect.”

Elizabeth Grieve, manager at The Beauty Factory and educator for Hello Gorgeous, has highlighted which themes she would typically choose as the months of April and May approach. Elizabeth told us that her clients are currently keen on brighter colours to match the appearance of sunny weather as spring starts to appear.

“I find that as the winter months draw to an end and we move into spring time, clients are requesting brighter colours in my salon, whether that be for nail design or makeup looks. In spring people want to feel brighter and reflect this through what they are wearing. It is almost as if we are wanting the sunshine to come out through our face with the colour choices we make.”

Elizabeth believes that with the right client you can really push their artistic boundaries in the spring months: “The change in seasons is so clear to see with the change of styles. I find in the autumn and winter months people tend to go for darker tones like reds, burgundies and glitters. It goes from one extreme right through to the opposite of neon and bright colours in the summer time. I even see a change in my lash clients’ requests. When the festival season is upon us people like to push the boundaries and have coloured lash extensions. Seasons have a huge impact on how people feel and how they want to present themselves.

“Some clients come to their appointments and aren’t really sure what they want. In spring I tend to recommend lighter shades and pastel colours. I wouldn’t advise the use of red and glitter throughout this season. In my opinion, they are festively orientated colours and are best used in the Christmas period as a combination. In order to keep up with the trends, be aware of how you mix your colours and looks.”

It would seem that less is definitely more this spring time according to the experts. Get creative with your makeup bag and don’t forget to tag us in your looks on Instagram @thesalonmaguk