“Success is high standards”

It is said that if something is not good enough to work with – create your own, that is ideally suited to your needs…

That is how the SPN Nails Professional brand, designed by professionals in the exclusive Beautica Nail SPA, began.

The Beautica group was founded in 2002. At the beginning, salon owner Sylwia Pfajfer dealt with comprehensive care of the hands of clients, who were often front-page celebrities. The requirements of the customers grew, but the products then available on the market did not always meet Sylwia’s high standards.

So Sylwia decided to work with chemists from Italy, the Netherlands and the USA to develop a formula of gels and products for the acrylic method so that the reputation of the salon under her name grew along with the quality of the products used in it. That is how the SPN Nails Professional brand was born, which soon afterwards was selling more than half a million hybrids a year!

Beautica, as the owner of the SPN Nails Professional brand, has grown over the years and built a comprehensive portfolio of products for Nail SPA salons. As a manufacturer of an innovative hybrid based on silicone resin, the breakthrough for the company was the fashion for the hybrid manicure, which turned out to be a hit! It is gentle on the nail plate, flexible and diametrically different from the favourite UV gel polish.

Today, SPN Nails Professional has not only over 300 different colours of hybrids but also a comprehensive range of nail extension products by many methods, including revolutionary system Acryl-O!-Gel, which is made in perfect proportions of acrylic to gel, 50:50, so that it would give 100% strength of acrylic and 100% gentleness of the gel.

The most significant success of the Beautica Group is the opportunity to cooperate with many clients and salons, which choose SPN and NaiLac brands on a daily basis. Thanks to these successes, the company can develop, open further points, and the representatives take care that the products of both brands are available in an increasing number of stores, not only in Poland and UK but also throughout Europe.

Project Nails UK is the only appointed and authorised distributor of SPN Nails Professional and NaiLac in the United Kingdom.

Join us, develop with us! If you like our brands and would like to cooperate with us – we are waiting for you! There are still so many things to do – together!

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