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Since opening in 2014, ‘Salon Tracker’ the software designed specifically for salon owners has grown from targeting tanning to including hair and beauty and the software’s development doesn’t look like it’s slowing down any time soon! Senior Sales Executive, Christie Bedford, shares their story and the benefits moving office has presented to the business as well as exciting features we can expect from the company in the near future.

You probably know us mainly for our booking platform for salons all over the UK and Ireland, but we are actually much more than that. Things started over 15 years ago, as a project that our development company created after they spotted a gap in the market for tanning software. Our software soon took off, allowing us to then expand in to the hair and beauty market and create lots of new features; following this we rebranded to ‘Salon Tracker’ in 2014 whilst we began to grow our client base.

We started out in Leeds City Centre and began to build the team and a reputation for ourselves, whilst growing the company at the same time. Salon Tracker initially had just two employees and now there’s eight of us. We have since outgrown our Leeds office, we were extremely excited to move into a bigger office space in Wakefield with more space to collaborate on projects, invite our clients in for meetings and more importantly – prepare for expansion! 

Now, after many builders, electricians, plumbers and decorators, it was finally ready to move in to in February this year and it has brought a whole new dynamic to the way we work at Salon Tracker.

After moving in and readjusting to our new way of working, we are well on the way to expanding even further as a company, as we seek new talent that can help us to grow and make our software even better. At Salon Tracker, we value our client feedback and most of our changes on the software are done in response to what our clients tell us would make it better. Unlike most other software providers, our development team is in-house, meaning we have regular meetings to discuss what we require from the software and development of those features is carried out based upon demand. Take a look at our old and new office photos to see the transformation!

Over the next few years, we are wanting to expand globally too and open offices across other continents so that we can continue to grow our client base worldwide. We have always wanted to create a software that has been truly molded by our clients to suit all types of salon day to day needs and requirements.

So, that being said, what we have recently developed and released in the software?

  • Online Payments

After a high demand for online payments from our customers, we finally took the plunge and integrated with the payment provider Stripe. Customers can now pay for their treatments/sunbed minutes online before visiting the Salon. Which not only boosts salon sales, it also saves the team’s valued time. This goes for deposits too, which has had a significant impact on reducing no-show appointments as we have had feedback from our clients who are now using this feature daily!

We acknowledge that as a software provider, we can never have enough features. There is always something we can improve or add to the software to make salon life easier, so here are some more features that you can expect from us in the coming quarters:

  • Consultation forms

As a salon owner, you need to make sure you have adequate information from clients for certain treatments before they are carried out. Not to mention, you need proof of client’s agreement to your terms to ensure you are covering your backs as well. We recognize consultation forms are almost an essential feature going forward! We’re currently working with a third-party online form builder, where salons can customise their very own forms for their salon, based upon their needs and requirements. 

  • Online-shop 

After the great success of adding online payments to the software, we have decided to work on a highly requested feature of online-shop. This is a platform where clients can buy retail products through the salons’ website using Stripe as their method of payment. This will work hand-in-hand with Salon Tracker’s stock inventory, meaning it will deplete automatically from the system for every online sale to help boost sales in general!

  • Salon TV 

We are also working on an exciting new feature for tanning salons! Salon TV will essentially be a screen at the reception of the salon, displaying each bed and their current waiting times, allowing customers to see a live view of the beds continuously. A highly requested feature from lots of our clients.

We have thoroughly enjoy working with all of our clients and watching your salons expand with us as a company, especially after the dark shadow that the pandemic casted over us for the last three years! 

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading a little overview of our journey; and if you’d like to see where Salon Tracker could take your salon, please give us a call on 0113 350 8230 or enquire on for your free demonstration and two week trial.