The essential ingredient

Tina Rook, head of Saks Education, explains how apprentices play an essential role in a salon’s success

Many people ask me why it’s important for salons and spas to offer apprentice schemes for their teams.

“There has always been a role for a ‘junior’ within the hairdressing and beauty industries. In modern terms, unqualified professionals are now referred to as ‘learners’. Most salons would not be able to function without a learner running around sweeping up hair, shampooing clients, preparing treatment rooms and generally being on hand to assist in the smooth everyday running of the salon. And it’s for this reason that I believe they’re absolutely imperative for a successful team.

“A good learner can be the foundation of a business. What the apprenticeship scheme does is nurture that learner, teaching them a career and developing their personal and professional skills
so that they can become long-serving members of a successful team.

“A lot of the industry’s most successful hairdressers started their careers as learners. We all know how hard good hairdressers and therapists are to come by, so what better way to ensure you’ve got loyal team members than by training them from scratch to your own standard?”

Saks Education offers a range of options for salon owners looking to train their learners on the job. Find out more by phoning 01325 341 605 or visiting