The Knot Dr Does The Rounds!

 The Cure to Your Blow-Drying Chore! 

Consistent hair care, gorgeous results and volume are must haves for many, but can take time, a precious commodity. Not a great combination for either a professional stylist or everyday user. However, THE KNOT DR.® has developed the cure to your blow-drying chore! 

Introducing THE KNOT DR.®’s first ever dual-action styling and detangling brush, The Rounds, available from March 2023! 

Designed by a professional hairstylist, the unique vented design of the soft touch finish handle accelerates airflow for quicker, even distribution and fast blow-dry styling. Cutting down on the time taken to add volume or create curls, whilst leaving hair sleek and soft. Creating professional results in the salon or at home! 

Your hair is most prone to damage when wet, so the right tool is vital. The high quality 35mm barrel of The Rounds is adorned with clusters of anti-static and ionic dual bristles which have just the right tension to detangle even wet hair without damage. The ergonomically designed and comfortable to use hairbrush glides through all hair types ,removing tangles and knots effortlessly for a pain free experience. 

190 FLEXALITE™ bristles provide the incredible and famed detangling prowess of THE KNOT DR.®, whilst 190 clusters of black natural bristles help prevent hair breakage, seal split ends, and minimise frizz. Revered for their hair strengthening benefits, the soft natural bristles will help distribute natural oils from the scalp, all the way down the hair shaft for healthy-looking hair with a natural glow. 

Salon quality styling, tangle free hair and bouncy blow outs, all in one package!

 The Round – Styler & Detangler 

  • • Vented Design Dual Bristle Blend 
  • • FLEXALITE™ Bristles Lightweight 
  • • Anti-Static Technology Soft Touch Finish 
  • • Durable design Suitable for wet & dry hair 

The Knot Dr.® The Rounds is available from March 2023 from all good wholesalers and from