An update on Salon Re:Source

Since launching Salon Re:Source last year Anne Veck & Keith Mellen have been passing on their practical tips and advice to salons ready to make a commitment to a cleaner environment. The sustainable salon toolkit, Salon Re:Source, now has 1463 salons signed up to committing to their bit towards creating a more environmentally-sound hairdressing industry and sustainable salon. 

 The next part of Salon Re:Source will feature the latest range of recycling services from the Green Salon Collective. The Green Salon Collective are continually expanding what can be recycled through their scheme waste items such as hair, used foils and colour tubes. The next part will also include updated and improved information on switching to a green energy supplier and how to reduce your CO2 emissions. Many green energy supplier prices are competitive and by switching you will achieve a huge reduction in your carbon footprint. There will also be the lowdown on offsetting and recommended reading to enhance people’s knowledge even further. 

Keith Mellen says “The hope for Salon Re:Source is for it to be shared amongst wider audiences so that we can reach all sectors of the hairdressing industry. A hairdresser doesn’t need to own a salon to be more sustainable, the hope is to be able to offer advice far and wide. Starting with a collaboration with The Green Salon Collective who will be distributing to their members.” 



Commenting on their sustainable journey Anne Veck says, “Something creatively has changed recently for me. I have moved into using my creative work to express my feelings about the issues we all face, and ones I feel personally the most driven by and emotional about especially sustainability and the environment. My passion for many years has been creating beautiful photographic work and winning collections, but now they reflect even more my values, views and beliefs. In my 2019 collection and video Toxic Fashion I expressed my horror and shock at the damage the fast fashion industry is doing to people and planet and this year I have brought the message even close to home with A Murder of Crows, examining local sustainability and the cycle of life and death, shot in an Oxford allotment.”

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