The need for analysis

Dr Helen Taylor of Enviroderm explains what benefits advanced skin analysis can bring to your clients – and your business…

Over the last few decades there have been huge steps forward in methods for analysing the skin. These methods have been used extensively in the development of cosmetic products and treatments as well as in a wide range of research applications. These methods have been used to bring greater understanding of the skin and advances in the products and treatments that are available, and the techniques can also be used to give you more in depth understanding of your clients’ skin and what products and treatments are needed to help them achieve their goals.

Our greater understanding of the skin extends to understanding more about the condition of the skin through measurement of moisturisation, skin oils, water loss, pigmentation and full spectrum colour, pH, sun damage, elasticity and other mechanical properties of the skin to name but a few.

They can be used to add to experience and visual assessment of the skin to build a more in-depth understanding of the strengths and weakness of an individual’s skin, and how different aspects of the skin can be improved and maintained. This in turn can lead to greater client confidence and loyalty. It can also lead to increased sales of treatments and products as clients understand better their need for them.


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