The New Way to Mix Hair Colour

SmartMix is an application that runs on an android tablet, that connects to a weighing scale helping salons to;

  • Eliminate colour waste
  • Automate client records
  • Streamline stock ordering
  • Capture lost profit from inaccurate billing

Our app is called SmartMix – designed for hair colourists by a hair colourist. 

Victoria is a salon owner in Somerset since 2010, having worked in the hairdressing industry since she was 15 she couldn’t fail to notice the huge problem in our industry…colour waste and our lack of positive incentive to reduce it. 

Victoria has been working since 2015 with her business partner Jerry Rihll to develop SmartMix, they have worked closely with Headmasters to really stretch the legs of the app and make it what it is today. They officially launched it last year and to save Headmasters much as £500 in just 10 days from when they first day started using SmartMix. 

The app achieves these savings from day one due to the algorithm that was developed from years of data collecting to work out what quantity of colour was needed for each mix. Today there are over 300 different mix quantities stored in SmartMix, which makes it easy to see why stylists overmix. 

Since hair colouring initiated in 1909, there has never been a guide for the technician to be advised how much product to mix up. As years have passed the problems emerge such as; wasted product, lack of accurate client records, allergy to hair colour, patch testing records, stock management, inaccurate product mixing etc. 

Technology in the form of diarised computer systems has helped to create better working methods, it provides a salon with a tool for 3 of the 6 problems listed above. However, it is not fail-safe as it relies very much on the efficiency of the staff. 

What SmartMix provides is a solution that requires a stylist to declare their intention prior to their action in less than 2 minutes – they simply touch a few icons on the app and mix the colour that is then displayed on the mixing screen, which has a live connection to a weighing scale. 

This one action (in 2 minutes) records; stock and accurate client data, stylist activity, thus promoting accurate colour mixing, eliminated waste and accurate stock usage data.

From experience implementing this in my own salon and many others, we have created a realistic, user-friendly solution to an unsolved problem.

Eliminate hair colour waste from the first mix you prepare on our fantastic android app, and with every mix. Store client colour notes automatically and create remote stock orders with our cloud-based client portal. It pays for itself saving you money and time, and to top it off you’re helping the environment by reducing waste.