Thinking of hiring an apprentice?

Five fantastic benefits for starting out on your apprenticeship journey as told by Chris McIntosh at Saks Education.

Future proof your salon

Your salon is more than just a business, it is your heart and soul and your legacy. 

So, being ahead of the curve and ensuring the salon can thrive in almost any eventuality can only be a benefit to you, your clients, and your team.

Hiring an apprentice can do just that!

They can become an integral part of your team, trained to standards that you set and developing relationships with you, your team, and your clients. 

We also find that many apprentices stay loyal to their salons after achieving, setting your salon up for the challenges of the years to come.

Improve salon productivity

It has been found that an apprentice can improve salon productivity and can improve the staff retention at your business.

Existing staff members become empowered to nurture your apprentice, championing them when they do well and wanting to see out the apprenticeship with them.

Developing this type of camaraderie is vital in a successful salon.

Keep it fresh

Your salon is doing well, your team are happy, and clients can’t recommend you highly enough. It’s time for a new challenge.

Hiring an apprentice not only allows you to help develop the next generation of professionals it also lets you and your team develop new skills in training and coaching. 

Improve the corporate outlook of your salon

Hiring and developing an apprentice will show potential clients, employees and investors that you are a centre of excellence for skills, growth and development. 

You will be seen as caring for the community by employing local youngsters and developing them into professional, skilled employees with a fantastic future in their chosen career. 

Potential employees will see a salon who care about their staff and their ongoing training, somewhere where they won’t fall behind the trends and can learn new skills. 

Fantastic financial benefits

The UK Government offers some incredible incentives for hiring new apprentices.

There are financial incentives available when you hire apprentices, contact your local provider to find out more.

Alongside this the government will also cover the full cost of training and assessing your apprentices if they are under 19. If they are over 19 they still contribute 95% of those costs.

There is also support when it comes to your apprentice’s wage where anyone taking part in an apprenticeship is eligible for the National Apprenticeship Minimum wage for at least the first year of their apprenticeship.