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Introducing Ondo Beauty 36.5 a uniquely developed range designed to benefit your skin and mind. We caught up with Giulia Morello, Brand Marketing Executive to explore the innovative brand and how it can elevate your salon. 

As the skin care industry continues to grow, what makes Ondo Beauty 36.5 stand out?

Ondo Beauty 36.5 is a brand focused on balance as a philosophy for wellbeing, a concept rooted within everything that we do: from formulating products with a balanced blend of natural and active ingredients, imagining the way in which we want our customers to feel when experiencing our products and finally, in the way we communicate with our community. 

Our product formulations are designed in our Barcelona head offices and produced by some of the top-industry manufacturers in the heart of Seoul, Korea. We speak to customers looking for experiential products that become rituals to help them disconnect, having a positive effect on the wellbeing of both their skin and mind. 

Ondo Beauty 36.5 is the first in-house brand produced by MiiN Cosmetics, the leading European distributor of Korean skincare that has finally landed in the UK and will continue to be the point of reference for any retailer interested in partaking in one of the beauty industry’s most exciting niches. 

How does Ondo 36.5 work in line with a sustainable salon?

We’re constantly taking steps towards becoming a more sustainably conscious brand. Our line is 100% vegan and we don’t conduct any tests on animals. Our packaging is 100% recyclable and we’ve recently launched a line of solid soaps for face, body and hair – a sustainable alternative to liquid ones.

What are your Ondo 36.5 hero products?

Multiacids & Papaya Melting Cleansing Balm! The ultimate first cleanse. A bouncy-soft balm formulated to efficiently melt away oil-based impurities like make up, sunscreen and any last trace of the day. Count on this light-weight, skin-nourishing formulation for thoroughly cleansed, glowing skin without the hint of a sting to the eyes or a skin-stripping feeling.

I also love the Niacinamide Green Tea Eye Serum. The multifunctional eye-contour serum you have been waiting to discover. Coming in a feather-light texture, it’s intensively moisturizing, smoothing and calming. The result is instantly brighter skin and a reduced appearance of dark circles.

For an instantly beautifying treatment that will transform the appearance of your neck, décolleté, and chest I love the Peptides & Ginseng Neck Treatment. Perfect for all skin types, its fast-absorbing, melt-in formula reduces the look of horizontal neck lines and improves firmness, smoothness, and elasticity.

I can’t forget the Squalane & Bakuchiol Sleeping Pack this deeply moisturizing jelly-to-juice-textured leave-on sleeping mask works to reinforce the skin’s barrier function while you are fast asleep. You’ll wake up to smooth, plump and restored skin. 

How can our readers work with Ondo 36.5?

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