App’y clients 

We caught up with the founders of Styler, Ashleigh and Lewis, who started the London-based app and booking start-up in 2020. Styler are the experts in branded app solutions – we spoke with them about the benefits of having a salon booking app.

What benefits can Styler offer to a salon business?

 Apps are notoriously expensive (often £50k+) to design, develop and maintain. We make

it easy. Styler does all of the hard work to make iOS and Android apps affordable and

accessible to businesses. Your app fee starts from just £30 per month, with no setup fees.

In our experience, your own iOS and Android app benefits both salons and their clients

alike. All of our apps are branded to each business to offer a big boost to brand

recognition amongst new and existing clients. Next up is the client experience, website and booking links are everywhere. All too often, your clients need to search for your booking link on your socials and booking platforms. With an app, you’re in your client’s pocket. They can seamlessly book faster and more efficiently than ever, anytime, anywhere. Better customer loyalty is a great perk too!

Is the app easy to create and is there support availability?

 Creating your app may seem daunting and expensive. With Styler, in a few

simple steps, we can launch your salon app on the Apple App Store and Google Play

Store in two weeks on average. We’ll take care of the design, deployment and all future updates at no additional cost.

After sign-up, you’ll receive ongoing first-class support from one of our dedicated app

consultants who will guide you through the process. Our consultants are UK-based and

can be contacted via email or WhatsApp. Your consultant will continue to offer ongoing

support and advice after your app has gone live.

How does Styler showcase a salon’s brand personality?

 Your brand is so important, therefore we believe every time your clients interact with

your business, everything should exhibit the ambitions and personality of your brand. At

Styler, we pride ourselves on providing unique branded experiences to both salons and

their clients- whether it be our booking system or branded apps. Every app we create

showcases the salon’s branding – colours, logos, customisable push notifications and

even automatic streaming of your Instagram content into the app.

How is best to get started?

 You probably have so many questions! That’s completely normal. We have three pricing

plans available, which you can read about on our website

The best way to get answers is to have a demo call with Ashleigh, you can email her at

Once you’re ready, you can sign up at and we’ll begin creating your app!