Ultim8 Fitness launches powerful new body sculpting and skin rejuvenation system

CaviSculpt:  Ultrasound Body Sculpting with Diode Laser, Lipolysis and Radio Frequency


CaviSculpt is a ground breaking new professional body sculpting system that offers clients a totally pain free alternative to liposuction and with the added benefit of skin rejuvenation using diode laser and radio frequency.


CaviSculpt uses the highest powered, low frequency ultrasound waves to target and destroy fatty tissue under the skin, thereby often giving immediate results.  The CaviSculpt range currently includes three professional models:  Pinnacle, Define and Combi.  In addition to the ultrasound treatment head, the following treatments can be offered (depending on which model is used):  radio frequency, lipolysis and diode laser.  These treatments can be used to improve skin tone, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, eliminate cellulite and promote collagen.
A FREE ABT (Associated Beauty Therapists) accredited training course is included with every CaviSculpt purchase and a comprehensive marketing pack can be provided.


CaviSculpt offers a high return on investment; for example if 2 treatments are carried out every day at £150 each, that gives a return on investment of £72,000 per annum (based on a 5 day working week).


For further details go to www.cavisculpt.com and to claim your FREE Ultim8 Vibration Plate call us on 0845 226 0068 and mention The Salon Magazine (1st 30 orders only.)