VTCT Statement on latest COVID measures that impacts salons

“During the course of the pandemic, VTCT has remained steadfast in our advice—one of the best practices for personal protection is to use PPE appropriately. This includes the use of face masks, especially due to the nature of the services our practitioners provide, i.e. the close proximity of clients. Whilst we are waiting for the main guidance to be updated, the government has published an amendment stating: “Face coverings are legally required indoors in shops, personal care services and public transport in England, from 4am Tuesday 30 November.”

As outlined in our Infection Prevention Qualifications, we recommend using disposable/single-use face coverings that are changed for each client. It’s important to ensure these are close fitting, cover both nose and mouth, and you avoid touching the face coverings once in place. Additionally, do not allow the mask to dangle around the neck and it should be disposed of once it becomes damp. For further information, visit: https://www.vtct.org.uk/coronavirus-latest/.”