A software that listens

Premier Software was established in 1994 and has proven experience in developing razor-sharp software solutions specifically for the hair and beauty industry and this month we feature the brand as our Technology of the Month.

More than skin deep, Premier listens carefully to client requests and responds to industry trends, ensuring its software improves the client journey and supports business growth.

Salon by Premier Software® helps keep your salon a cut above the competition in a fast moving industry. Designed for owners serious about growing their business, Salon’s features help to improve the day-to-day operations whilst providing the insights required to plan future growth.

When utilised fully, Salon acts as your marketing manager, loyalty scheme manager, receptionist, stylist, beauty therapist and business partner, all rolled into one. Here’s how:

Marketing Manager

Communication is at a the heart of any business. Premier understands this and makes light work of it. Email or SMS, simply set what you want to send, when and to who, then let Salon take care of the rest. With easy to use filters, the system’s GDPR compliant targeted marketing ensure you’re always front of clients’ minds.

Loyalty Scheme Manager

Loyalty can sometimes be a struggle, but client retention is often more time and cost effective than reaching a new market. That’s where Salon’s loyalty scheme truly shines. The system can reward clients with points to their loyalty tags every time they spend. What they’re redeemable on is completely up to you.


Smart diary management is important for everyone’s stress levels. That’s why Salon ensures client appointments are booked accurately and without conflict time after time, both in the salon and online. Staff will receive alerts if a treatment is contraindicated, while room and equipment allocation avoids double-booking.


Success is all about providing that five-star experience. Salon’s record card helps you achieve this by storing all the information staff need to provide a personalised experience. From the client’s favourite therapist to how they take their tea, you’ll know exactly what flicks their switch.

Beauty Therapist

When offering beauty treatments, staff and client safety is paramount. Therefore, Salon sends medical consultations to clients ahead of time so staff can prepare for what’s to come. Meanwhile, the system’s Repetitive Strain Injury indicators help to protect staff from overexertion.

Business Partner

Strategy and forward thinking are never far away from a good business plan. With that in mind, Salon’s reports offer insights into where your business is excelling and where extra attention is required. For example, if retail is proving an issue, the system helps you set commission for staff to incentivise sales.

While the market is now flooded with free software solutions, Salon offers deeper insights into your business’s operations to facilitate its smooth running.

The software is written and designed in-house by a team of developers that are constantly updating features based on client feedback and industry trends.

Plus, the system is accompanied by a comprehensive support package and first-class training. Each session is personalised to your salon’s exact requirements.

A lifetime Salon licence starts from just £75 PCM + VAT for the first 12 months and £41.95 + VAT thereafter. T&Cs apply.