Clean up your act

As COVID restrictions fade in to the distance, we take another look at how to maintain ultimate hygiene in your salon and reinforce the importance of it to ensure standards aren’t dropped.

With the COVID-19 pandemic having many disastrous effects all over the globe, during this time it became paramount for salon owners to notice the importance of hygiene within a business.

As the pandemic appears to be under control and restrictions continue to be lifted in different parts of the world, we want to ensure the level of cleanliness does not slip through the hair and beauty industry.

Regularly cleaning surfaces, chairs, touch points and all professional tools are all great ways of maintaining high hygiene levels. At at gfc Hairdressing, Stylist Jade Cleary explained that they use CleanIT! all day every day: “CleanIT! is a professional salon sanitising solution, it is super effective and dries in seconds making it perfect for all your salon tools and surfaces, ensuring ultimate hygiene in between each client.”

Germs can be found everywhere and frequently cleaning every nook of the salon is part of Jade’s daily salon life: “That being said, areas we would always prioritise are the toilets, reception desk, card machines and iPads, as well as door handles and chairs.”

Having a clean and professional space is paramount to running a successful business. Clients don’t just pay for their hair, they pay for the salon experience too, and they deserve to feel comfortable and safe during their time in the salon. Offering a clean and professional service will always help to retain clients and keep them coming back.

Jade explained: “In order to make sure we are on top of maintaining good hygiene within the salon we use printed sheets to mark off what has been done every day. Each of us have dedicated areas to check regularly and note when it was last done.” It’s always important to take accountability for your own workspace too and ensure you maintain good hygiene in your area and with your own tools.

In the opinion of Dan Mewies, Salon Co-Owner at Mewies & Co. he believes that in order to execute high levels of cleanliness within a salon space, education is key: “Everyone employed in the salon needs to know their role within the salon cleaning regime, understand the level expected and be trained properly on how to achieve the standard of cleanliness required.”

Naturally, when working in a busy salon with a high footfall, germs are everywhere and you should ensure the entire space is clean and rid of any potential toxic particles as much as you can. This can often be difficult when working continuously in the salon, therefore ensuring each styling station is fully sanitised before and after use, as well as all equipment and back wash areas will help when trying to prevent cross contamination. Zoë Rees from Bliss Hair Therapy said: “The main areas which require constant cleaning I would say are – styling stations, door handles, bathroom, backwash area and front of house.


When it comes to salon cleanliness, we spare no expense and have taken a lot of time and effort to research into the safest and most reliable products, which are effective whilst being kind to our environment.


“As well as this having a sterilisation solution for all equipment (scissors, combs etc) is absolutely vital to ensure they are 100% clean before using again.” With the pandemic heightening the transmission of toxic particles, this is a must for any salon to prevent cross contamination.


So, when looking for cleaning or sanitising products, what should salon owners bear in mind? Tina Bell, Head of Education at Pure Nails said: “The two main things I look for when finding cleaning and sanitising products for my salon are whether the product will be effective against viruses and bacteria, and the scent of the product.”


If you aren’t maintaining high levels of hygiene within the salon, you can come across problems such as infections due to cross contamination. You must make sure that all tools are sanitised between each client.

When in your salon, your clients need to be confident that you are being responsible with your hygiene practices. Tina explained that she sends out feedback forms to clients after their appointments: “One comment we constantly get is about the cleanliness of the salon. No matter how brilliant your services are, a client will not return to a salon that they feel is unhygienic.”

Esther Van Der Veken from Tommy’s Hair Company agrees that salon hygiene is something that should be treated with great importance, and something that as we know, should not be dealt with lightly.


Esther believes that the first way to establishing a high level of cleanliness is by having a cleaning rota. Although it sounds simple, it is a great way to get into a routine and keep it consistent: “Ensure your rota covers absolutely everything and is set out in a way where it is realistic, manageable and is of course easy to follow and put into practice.


“Secondly, put research into the products you are using. Throughout the lockdowns, we established specific products that were suitable for commercial premises that would rid our salons of toxins and provide 24-hours and 30-day protections and coverage. That extra few hours of research really paid off and as a result, we have remained a COVID-free salon and were recognised by our local council for our efforts and research.


“Finally, communication. Communicate the hygiene practices with every single person in the salon and ensure every individual is aware. This way no stone is left unturned and everyone is aware of their roles, responsibilities and what is expected of them.”


A high standard of hygiene is expected from your guests. Especially following the pandemic, if your guests don’t feel safe in your salon they won’t return. Brian Leo McCallum, Owner of ROAR Hair and Beauty said: “Good hygiene levels in your salon show to your guests that you are dedicated to giving them the best experience possible and pay attention to detail. The key to gaining a loyal client base is to ensure you ‘WOW’ them every time. This includes the cleanliness of your salon.”


You never want to gain a bad reputation and certainly not for poor hygiene.


At Rainbow Room International Royal Exchange Square to maintain high levels of hygiene they have a duty checklist which is checked by all team members in the salon that day first thing in the morning and at night before the salon closes.


David Nicolson, Director of Rainbow Room International’s Royal Exchange Square Salon explained: “Our stylists do different shifts seven days a week. Therefore it’s easier for us to have the checklist that the team that are in first thing in the morning and last thing at night can check rather than a spreadsheet or rota with staff assigned to the cleaning each day. The checklist works really well and is on view at the coffee bar area for everyone to see that day. Each stylist keeps on top of their own equipment and styling tools, sanitising the styling station and seat once their client leaves.”


Leading cleaning and disinfectant brand Zoflora know how difficult it can be to manage a busy salon and maintain a high standard of cleanliness, which is why they’re excited to be able to provide professionals with a solution.

Zoflora can offer Salon professionals a quick and easy solution to keeping their salons hygienically clean and beautifully fragrant. With over 20 fragrances in the range, there’s a fragrance to suit every salon space, whether you’re looking for something fruity, fresh, or floral.

Michelle Chadwick, Senior Brand Manager at Zoflora said: “Use Zoflora Concentrated disinfectant in your salon, to mop floors daily. A little goes a very long way. Simply dilute one capful (10ml) for every 400ml of water in a bucket.

“For convenience in a spray bottle use Zoflora’s Multipurpose Disinfectant Cleaner. Handy to have in the staff kitchen to keep levels of cleanliness and hygiene optimum. Keep next to a microfibre cloth, simply spray and wipe down frequently touched areas to keep spaces beautifully fragrant.

“Zoflora Disinfectant Mist is an anti-bacterial and anti-viral product that eliminates odours. Great for keeping the salon odours at bay and can be used on hard and soft surfaces and high traffic touch points such as door and cupboard handles.”

Michelle notices that a visit to the salon is where many customers feel looked after and pampered, so it’s important to maintain a hygienically clean space to add to the overall customer experience, whilst fragrance will also play a large part in creating a positive association with the salon itself.

When customers enjoy their experience and feel a connection, they are more likely to return – boosting revenue and footfall. It’s also beneficial to reassure customers, both verbally and via signage that additional cleaning measures are in place to ensure their safety.