A Thank You To Local Hospital Unit From Q Hair & Beauty

Award-winning Chichester salon Q Hair & Beauty has always gone to great lengths to support numerous charities throughout West Sussex and beyond.  2020 was no different.

Lately the Q family took steps to help general manager Kain Lawrence and his fiancé Nat to raise money to provide essential items for the Neonatal Unit at St Richard’s Hospital, a cause which is very close to their hearts. 

The couple’s son Hudson, now two years old, spent just over two weeks on the Neonatal unit from birth following a health condition discovered when he was born. The young family learnt a lot from the dedicated staff there and feel this has been of great benefit to them moving forward on their journey with Hudson.

The team at Q Hair & Beauty has been a huge support to the whole family during the past two years and when Kain and Nat took to social media to help give something back to other families using the unit during lockdown, the salon team contributed healthily to the £800 total.

Kain and Nat decided to make the most of available space during lockdown, walking through parks and exploring new places, cycling as a family and even running to raise funds. In total 500 miles were racked up by the family in just over a month, helping them achieve just shy of their £800 target for the unit. 

This money was presented to the hospital just before the second lockdown began. It will go towards providing everything from sets of bedding for the family room to make it feel more ‘home- like’, baby bouncers, play-mats, sensory toys and clothing for every premature age along with clothes for babies needing extra support after birth. 

The unit’s entire amazon wish list was donated, in addition to two huge hampers of food, meaning families can spend more time with their newborn child, and not having additional worries.

An additional treat for the unit came in the form of a donated abstract art wall hanging by local textile artist, Sara Walker who has her own story of how St Richard’s has had an impact on her family’s lives.

For more information www.qhairandbeauty.co.uk