A unique answer to self-care

As a brand whose mission is to offer outstanding quality products with different natural ingredients for the face, body, hair and nails, we caught up with the Founder of the brand as she speaks about the company’s belief in both form and function.

Please introduce us to the brand and what you strive to achieve.

SARAZINE creates organic and natural ingredient self-care products that are efficacious and full of character.


The natural ingredients are cultivated fresh by women from different urban regions in Morocco to help females in a range of communities have their own income. The ingredients are delivered to the laboratory for the scientists to prepare the formulas designed to help women and men take care of their skin and get faster, amazing results.


We are driven by an instant results ideology combined with the minimum steps and products required to reach top levels of skincare and well-being satisfaction.


Tell us about your product range and how it can fit in to the work of a professional?

SARAZINE has developed Dry Oils which are perfect for body, hair and nail care. The Premium Argan Oils are dry for a fast absorption and instant hydration and glow.


The oils can be used on the hair ends as a serum prior to a blow dry to prevent split ends and offer shine, and on nails for healthy cuticles and moisturised hands. The oils are also used to hydrate the body without worrying about stickiness.


The Face Mask and Scrub products are 2-in-1 products which serve as an express facial where the skin is cleansed and detoxified through the fruit particles and then hydrated and moisturised through the combination of clays, honey, prickly powder and argan powder.


What makes SARAZINE products stand out from others on the market?

SARAZINE uses unique methodologies in the extraction of natural ingredients to make dry products for higher levels of skin and hair absorption.


The products are multi-purpose for time and money saving, while providing instant luxury skincare and haircare results and offering a long-lasting natural chosen scent.


What can we expect to see from the brand in the future?

Research and development is always in progress for SARAZINE and we are currently working on Unique Body scrubs and Facial Mists so stay tuned.


Do you have any special offers available for professionals?

Professionals can use SARAZINE products to offer luxurious treatments to their customers for the face, hair or the nails. When professionals buy SARAZINE products in bulk they benefit from a special discount of 40%.