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Colours in Marketing – Using Coloured Envelopes

Coloured envelopes are extremely beneficial to a marketing campaign, but businesses need to tap into colour psychology in order to make their Direct Mail stand out.

Choosing coloured envelopes for your marketing campaign is all well and good, and it’s great that you are thinking about additional ways to maximise your campaign. But how do you know that you are choosing the right colour? There is so much more to using colours in marketing than you realise, and down to picking the right tones for the right industries, there is an awful lot to think about. From bright pink envelopes that get the attention of females to sleek black envelopes to inspire the feeling of mystery, and gold envelopes to suggest riches and value, there are so many ways you can use colours to your advantage.

Direct Mail is a very traditional form of product / brand marketing in the advertising world. Digital and online marketing has created room for what is known as ‘new media’ and this has potentially created a problem for print. Customers have become wiser and smarter to advertising techniques, and with more and more direct marketing letters coming through the door everyday, there needs to be something different with your campaign. Coloured envelopes can help tap into colour psychology and gain the immediate interest of your customers.

3 Seconds to Impress

With most things in sales and marketing, whether it’s a shop window, the visual merchandising of a shop floor, outdoor advertising banners, TV campaigns, website copy, email marketing or direct mail, there is approximately a 3 second window for you to catch the attention of your audience. This is why many marketers choose coloured envelopes for their direct mailing letters. Coloured envelopes can make your letter / card stand out against the sea of standard white and brown envelopes. But choosing the right colours is absolutely essential.

Choosing the Right Colours for Your Product / Brand / Industry

If you want to make sure that your coloured envelopes are suitable for your company, your products and your industry, then use this little guide. There are so many colours to choose from including sleek and simple black envelopes, hot red envelopes, stylish silver envelopes and luxury gold envelopes.

Just remember that colours have their own personalities:

  • Red – this is a vibrant, exciting, fiery, passionate and sexy colour. This is used in many different industries and works well to get attention.
  • Black – dark colours can suggest mystery, style and sophistication. Black envelopes used for the right purpose can really stand out in the recipient’s mailbox.
  • White – a very pure, innocent, clean, hygienic and refreshing colour. Ideal for the hair and beauty industry, medical, health and pharmaceutical. Although white is very important in design and marketing, coloured envelopes are much more eye catching.
  • Blue – this is the colour of trust and reliability. It is commonly used in law, medicine, education and insurance.
  • Green – the most natural and refreshing colour of all! Green is used to promote environmental causes, wildlife trusts and promotions within the gardening and outdoor world. Said to be a relaxing and calming colour, it can be used in many other industries.
  • Gold / silver – gold or silver envelopes can suggest luxury, expense, sophistication and exclusivity.

Coloured Envelopes of Every Kind

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