Banbury Postiche to present free webinar on hair loss after COVID-19

Banbury Postiche, the UK’s oldest wig making supplies company, will present a live webinar titled ‘Hair loss & COVID-19: All you need to know’ from 10am to 11am on Wednesday December 1, 2021.

Hosted by Nick Allen, owner of Banbury Postiche, the webinar will focus on what hairdressers can do to advise clients who may have suffered from hair loss after having had COVID-19.

Alongside Nick the webinar will feature two of the UK’s leading trichologists, Neil Harvey MIT, a current director of The Institute of Trichologists (London), and Gill Harrison ART, a trichologist with more than 35 years of experience. 

Nick Allen said: “By now, it is safe to say that the main symptoms of COVID-19 are well known – a persistent cough, a high temperature and loss of taste or smell – but what is less well known is that some people who have been infected are also reporting a new long-term effect: hair loss.

“Hair loss, whether through COVID-19 or any other situation such as chemotherapy or alopecia, is incredibly emotional for people and we have created this webinar to help equip hairdressers with all of the information they will need to be able to best advise their clients on how best to cope with the situation.”

The hour-long webinar is free to attend and will cover:

  • Why people seem to be suffering from hair loss after they have recovered from COVID-19
  • The link between stress and hair loss
  • What you can do to advise clients who may be suffering from hair loss

To attend, please register at