Engaging with the right people

How you can ensure you’re engaging with the right people in order to maximise footfall in a business as well as reach new clientele, as told by some of the industry’s experts.

Sarah Hartley, Salon Marketing Coach and owner of @blossomtreesocial

First of all, you need to know who your ideal client is if you want to attract more of them. You can check out my blog – Why is a client persona important? on my website which includes a free persona form that you can complete. Basically, the more information you have about your ideal client the more you can write amazing content specifically for them. Then you will attract more.

Also, with Instagram you can follow and use specific hashtags that will help you discover and attract potential local clients. You will need to do a bit of research to discover the right ones for your business. Remembering to regularly engage with your ideal clients will help and you need to keep showing up to build that trust with your audience.

Anna Khanna, Founder of Socialista

First things first, work out ‘who’ your ideal client is. Next, have a think about when and how they are using their own social media! Having a clear idea of this can help you to really target the content you are sharing on your platforms. Make sure you are using your ‘name’ in your Instagram bio to state what you offer and your location. This ensures you pop up when people are looking for what you do in your area! Another great way to target your perfect clientele is by using hashtags. For example, if you offer personalised gifts for new mums, a hashtag like #ukmums is a great place to make sure your posts are showing up and receiving further reach.

Darcey Clarke, Senior Stylist and member of the Schwarzkopf Collective Team

To ensure your audience on your social media are going to be the same audience that you have sitting in your chair, you can use a clever tool on Instagram called insights. Insights is a part of Instagram that really lets you get to know who is seeing your content. These insights include the audience age range, what time they are active on Instagram and what they are interested in seeing on their feed.

Quite often now, I take to Instagram instead of Google. What I mean by this is if I were to go to a restaurant that I haven’t been to before I would always be sure to Instagram search the restaurant before booking a table. I’m looking at the environment in the restaurant, the interior, the ratings, how many followers they have, their ratio followers to likes and most importantly what their food looks like. Now, this is the exact same for anyone owning a hair salon – people will Instagram search you beforehand. If your Instagram is poor in terms of picture quality and engagement, this is likely to put someone off coming to your salon and will therefore lose you new clients. This is why it’s important to ensure you’re engaging with the right people, putting out content you know they will like to essentially entice people in.