BLOG: How to attract famous clients, says Harley Street Skin’s Lesley Reynolds


If you want celebrities to come to your salon, you have to be bold or lucky. I was probably both. Quite a few years ago now, when I was head of a range of American skincare products in the UK, I met the actress Gillian Taylforth. She told me how much she loved the brand and we talked about her skin. Later that week I got in touch with her agent and asked if Gillian would like to come in for a facial – no strings attached. They said it was refreshing for someone to call and not ask for anything in return! Gillian came in for her facial and loved it so much that she became a regular client. After that, word-of-mouth spread and I began getting more and more famous faces coming to the salon. Today we treat a huge amount of television stars at Harley Street Skin. But I’ve never once paid for a celebrity endorsement and all of my famous clients pay just like everyone else.


If you do happen to get a celebrity client, it’s important that you treat them in the right way. It absolutely goes without saying that you should make them feel at ease and relaxed like you would do everyone else. We always have a consultation when they first come in and I’ll look at their skin, ask about their lifestyle and find out what they’re hoping to achieve. When you’re dealing with anyone you have to be realistic about finding a routine that will fit their lifestyle and they have to be absolutely honest if you’re going to create a regime that will work. For example, I have one celebrity client who flatly refuses to take her make-up off face before bed. So to counteract this, she comes in to the clinic at least once a week for a deep cleanse. It’s about finding a balance that works.



Some celebrities won’t want the entire world knowing about their beauty secrets – and that sometimes includes where they go for their facials. And as a reputable salon owner, you must ensure that you respect their wishes at all times. I remember once bumping into a famous person at a performance of Cirque du Soleil. I was with my husband, Dr Aamer Khan, who had recently treated her for a cosmetic procedure. When we were introduced she pretended she didn’t know us. We went along with it of course. Being discreet is part of what we do.



On the other hand, other celebrities are more than happy for you to use them to promote your services. We recently filmed a few famous faces as part of our fly-on-the-wall show Stitch Me, Lift Me, Tuck Me on Sky Living and some of the people that didn’t make the final cut were most put out! You never know until you ask – they might be very happy for you to talk about them to the press – and having a famous person endorsing your business can be a brilliant way to attract even more clients.



You must always try to fit celebrity clients in even if you’re busy. They have hectic lifestyles and often work at a moment’s notice – so they need someone that they can rely on and trust. All my celebrity clients have my personal mobile number; I often receive a frantic text message at 11pm because they have a spot and a television appearance the next day. When this happens I always fit them in and offer them a service to make sure their skin is flawless again.



Opting for a product range that already has a celebrity following is essential if you want to attract famous people. The Harley Street Skin Care line has an army of celebrity fans – and they don’t all live in London. Many of them constantly tell me that they wish there was a clinic nearer to where they live so they could pick up products and have treatments. In addition, the brands also receive lots of consumer press coverage every single week. So maximise the appeal of your business by offering the right products and you’ll already be half way there to attracting the kind of clients you want.


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