Boosting bookings

We caught up with Leith Matthews, Head of Partnerships at Fresha, who reveals the power of technology in an industry which is rapidly becoming digitalised. 

The hair and beauty industry is digitally transforming, to ensure that your salon is keeping up with its competitors it’s vital to equip your business with the right tools to do so. 

Incorporate Fresha into your salon to elevate your business to new heights. Renowned for their advanced software specially tailored for the hair and beauty industry, Fresha manages bookings, scheduling and point of sale all within one platform – with no subscription fee. 

–          How can a professional booking system benefit a client’s salon experience?

At Fresha, we are passionate about technology’s positive impact on the beauty and wellness industry.  Globally, clients are looking for more personalised experiences that are easily accessible and premium. An intuitive booking experience is a client’s initial touch point with a salon; this first impression provides a platform to build a long-lasting relationship between the business and the client, increasing your retention rates. 

–          Is the booking system user-friendly for all clients? 

Fresha is the world’s #1 subscription-free salon software and is trusted by 80,000 salons and spas in over 120 countries across the globe. Clients of all ages love the intuitive booking interface and find it easy to use. Appointment bookings, reminders and payments are effortless for both the salon and its clients.

–          How can a salon booking system increase footfall?

With more than 500 million appointments booked through Fresha in 2022, businesses using the Fresha marketplace gained 26% more clients on average. Listed businesses on Fresha also ranked higher on Google Search and Maps, allowing people to book an appointment directly from the page. The ‘Book Now’ feature on Instagram and Facebook pages also provides seamless booking experiences for clients booking at salons through Fresha.

–          What benefits can a salon owner see with a booking system? 

Fresha partners benefit from an incredible 392% return on investment when using our automated and blast marketing campaign tools. They also enjoy 89% fewer no-shows when using Fresha’s intuitive in-app payment options with financial protections that securely capture the clients’ card details on file. With Fresha deposits, our partners can collect pre-paid deposits to avoid no-shows and late cancellations. Additionally, partners can quickly and easily create an e-commerce store and start selling products online with the Fresha store – all from the Fresha platform.