The perfect technique

In an exclusive interview with Brand Ambassador and Business Owner Becky Priest we find out her top tips to achieve a seamless wax using HIVE® of Beauty. 

  • Introduce yourself and tell us about your career in the beauty industry so far. 

I started my beauty business from home eight years ago. To begin with it was slow, and I relied entirely on word of mouth marketing. I was eager to learn and build my client base, most importantly; I was passionate. During lockdown, I made use of the time I had and reached out to beauty therapists through TikTok and social media. Before I knew it, I had helped thousands of others with helpful waxing tips, building a following of over 148k. This inspired me to teach and I’m proud to have had a positive impact on other people’s businesses.


  • Why are HIVE® of Beauty your go-to products when you offer a waxing service?

The three steps to achieving a flawless wax is perfect technique, good hygiene and most importantly quality products. I use HIVE® of Beauty products to wax my clients. My initial love for the brand started with their wax heaters. I use the HIVE® Digital Wax Heater, and since I’ve learnt to never underestimate the importance of a good working heater, as this determines the consistency of the wax you apply. My favourite wax is the HIVE® Sensitive Hot Film Wax, my clients have commented on the difference in comfort whilst having a bikini wax when I’ve used this. The Sensitive Hot Film Wax sets quickly even on warmer skin, grips on to stubborn hairs and leaves my clients with much less redness. 

  • There’s a stigma surrounding waxing services due to the element of intimacy, how do you ease your client’s nerves?

I will never forget the first Hollywood wax I did, it took me over an hour and I had sweat patches to show for it – to say the least, I was drained. Don’t worry if it feels daunting at first. In this instance the saying: ‘fake it till you make it’ really comes in to effect, to ease your client’s nerves you have to show confidence. Be welcoming, offer reassurance and answer any queries your client arrives with. The benefit of offering intimate waxing services is that once a client feels comfortable with you, they will be loyal to you for this treatment. 

  • Is there a specific technique you use when you wax?

After years of experience in waxing, I’ve perfected my own 14-step method to achieve the perfect Hollywood wax. Not only does this method speed up the wax treatment, but it also achieves a smooth wax with no stray hairs left behind. My students who have followed this method have praised it for their confidence and earning additional revenue from cutting down the time it takes to carry out the service.