Why not let your clients do your marketing for you!


Word-of-mouth recommendation has always been one of the most powerful drivers for generating new business, but it has been mostly random and not widely accessible.

The online world is now changing all of that and service `users` can now post their feedback on sites in numerous product areas. This online method of word-of-mouth has now arrived for the hair and beauty industry, along with other professions to  provide consumers with a directory of vetted and continuously monitored professionals.

By becoming a `member` of Checkaprofessional for a competitive annual fee, you can be part of an online professional search site which provides prospective clients with a list of salons meeting their particular search criteria. It also gives you a self-customise profile page to show case your treatment range and salon details to all searchers. Very importantly it will provide verified testimonials from appreciative clients which will be accessible to everyone looking for treatments. Experience in other markets shows that these can build up into a really powerful form of marketing.


This website based service is set to transform the way that clients can make an informed choice and, almost certainly, will be of enormous value to those not completely familiar with the range of treatments out there, or those which are sceptical about who they should use.


By going to you will find the most cost effective marketing route for your business.  It’s word of mouth on a national scale!


It’s not just about advertising your business, it’s about advertising your reputation!


Testimonial given from a focus group we put together:


We are in an industry that is just not regulated, anyone can open a salon and trade as a hairdresser, so by having, will give us high standards to achieve, maintain and credibility with our loyal and new customers, it also gives us a great feedback system so we can grow and develop.

Proprietor: Carolyn Sweeney, Creations Salon, Chichester, West Sussex


The Salon magazine supports the huge difference are looking to make within the health and beauty industry.  We would encourage all those working within the industry who are looking to gain credibility and increase their business, to join in the partnership, which provides consumers with the availability to make a more informed choice.