Hair Loss Control Clinic partners with Toni & Guy salons

London, UK – HLCC is excited to partner with the Toni&Guy salon chain to promote the launch of the Laser Therapy Lounge in Canary Wharf, London.  Toni&Guy opened a new Laser Therapy Lounge in their flagship location at the promenade level of One Canada Square, Canary Wharf, London.  The celebration of the new launch is already scheduled and will be hosted with champagne, canapés and free hair loss consultations, plus a 30% discount given on laser hair loss treatments, which have been clinically proven to stop hair loss and effectively regrow lost hair.


Owners, Sajida & Saleem Rashid opened HLCC UK Ltd. after successfully establishing Glow Beauty in 2009, an award winning salon & spa in Leeds, England.  Glow initially provided skincare services, laser hair removal, high frequency treatments and Botox injections, but shortly thereafter, added hair loss services.  The success and popularity of laser hair loss treatment grew so vast and wide that by the summer of 2011, the director of Toni&Guy salons visited Rashid with a proposal to create a pilot hair loss program, which went into effect January 2012.  Rashid says, “The Toni&Guy organization was researching hair loss companies and HLCC’s name kept coming up.  They wanted a successful global company with business integrity and ethics.  Personally, I have never met a company that has such business integrity as Hair Loss Control Clinic.  I believe we are very lucky to be partnered with them.  Our new affiliation with Toni&Guy is brilliant.  Toni&Guy Salons are the global leader in their game, as we are in ours.  We’ve now joined forces to introduce laser hair loss treatment services to men and women of all ethnicities and we look forward to great things transpiring from this joint venture.”

Toni&Guy Hair Salons:  The first Toni&Guy Hair Salon was opened in 1963 by brothers Toni and Guy Mascolo.  By the late 1990’s, they had grown from a single location in Clapham, London to over one hundred salons in 20 countries worldwide.  The Mascolo brothers are in a league of their own because they were one of the first chains to begin franchising salons, with the first opening in Brighton in 1988.  Toni&Guy now have over 420 salons in 42 countries worldwide.  In 2008, Toni Mascolo was awarded an Honorary Order of the British Empire by the Queen for his services to British Hairdressing and in 2009 was awarded for his outstanding contribution to charity by the Hair and Beauty Benevolent for his work with the Toni&Guy charitable foundation. This world renowned salon chain is also the official sponsor of London Fashion Week and remains at the forefront of the hairstyling industry, launching a global trend collection every year.


Hair Loss Control Clinic:  HLCC UK Ltd. located in Leeds, England earned the distribution rights in the UK for USA based Hair Loss Control Clinic headquartered in Albany, New York.  The Hair Loss Control Clinic has been a pioneer in the hair loss industry for 25 years, now with over 150 affiliated locations in 30 countries around the globe.  The company specializes in laser hair loss treatment utilizing low level lasers and professional hair loss products for men and women suffering the devastations of hair loss and thinning hair.  Sajida Rashid notes, ”the laser treatments and hair loss products are not just for thinning hair, but also for anyone wanting healthier hair. By using a multi-therapeutic approach to treating hair loss with a 170 diode laser for 30 minute sessions, our clients stop hair loss, as well as promote thicker, healthier hair, stimulating hair growth. Some of my clients just use the product systems and not the laser.  They may start off with a few products and after seeing the difference that just the product alone makes, they typically want to try the laser treatments for even better results.”

Rashid’s role for the new Toni&Guy Hair Loss Program launch will be focused primarily in education.  She will take the lead in training staff in laser treatments, providing client consultations and advising on product usage.  Rashid shares, “I wanted to become the exclusive distributor for HLCC because I believed in the products and I get such great support from HLCC USA.  They use a multi-therapeutic approach, trying to win the war on hair loss by using every possible angle. We’d like to make the HLCC brand a household name in the UK; it’s a product that everyone should be using for healthier hair!”


The Global Leader In Laser Hair Loss Treatment.  Hair Loss Control Clinic remains a globally respected industry leader, providing the most effective laser hair treatment systems and programs available for building a successful hair loss business.  For more information on HLCC, laser hair loss treatment, or HLCC™ Scripts, their professional line of hair loss and rejuvenation products, call 518-220-1500 or   For more information on Toni&Guy Canary Wharf and the Laser Therapy Lounge, visit them at One Canada Square, London, call 02079876222 or visit  For more information on HLCC UK Ltd. or Glow Beauty Non-Surgical Aesthetics, visit them at 82a Street Lane, Roundhay, Leeds; call 441132696504, EXT. 011; email, or visit