Exotic & hot!

The latest addition to HIVE®’s ever increasingly popular Hot Wax Pellets ‘Embrace the Exotic’ and add some Coconut & Lime inspiration.

For over 25 years, Hive of Beauty have prided themselves on providing waxing professionals with innovation and quality. The creation of a new product can take months, even years of development and all the effort, frustration and inspiration the goes with it, before being proudly displayed to the beauty industry. However, that is not always the case.

“Over the past couple of years we have seen a tremendous increase in popularity of our Hot Film Wax Pellets, both within the UK and Europe,” explained David Sneddon, Operations & Marketing Manager. “So it was never in doubt that we would look to add further lines to this category. Normally, when creating a product, a huge amount of research and brain storming would be the initial stages. On this occasion however, the answer was already on our doorstep following the fantastic reception to Coconut & Lime range that we launched last year.”

What factors of these two ranges have proved most popular with customers?

“In terms of our Hot Wax Pellets, there has been a number of positives that have been fed back to our sales team, ranging from the convenience and economy of them, to general performance and results, with some customers initially just loving the new look re-sealable bags,” said David. “With our Coconut & Lime treatment products and Gelee Wax it is undoubtedly the fragrance! For customers buying a HIVE® product, quality and value are a given, yet we always strive to provide them with that little something extra, and the summer-inspired Coconut & Lime fragrance was a huge hit with beauticians and their clients.”

In addition to the exotic fragrance, the existing Coconut & Lime products also benefitted from the natural moisturising benefits of Coconut Oil as well as invigorating and cleansing Kaffir Lime. These key benefit points have been carried over into the newly created product, ensuring waxing professionals have everything they rate so highly in a new form.

The original launched ‘Embrace the Exotic’ range contained HIVE®’s first ever Gelee Wax, a luxuriously thick formulation that was Rosin free for sensitive skin. The Coconut & Lime Pellets are a Hot Film Wax formulation providing even greater economy for therapists as no wax strips are required in its removal, and the easy pour pellets and re-sealable bag ensure less product waste than ever.

So, with all the time saved in the initial development stage have HIVE® been busy creating anything else?

“Maybe,” said David, “let’s just say it will be a busy summer for waxing!”

Whatever is planned for the future, HIVE® have ensured that that we can all continue to ‘Embrace the Exotic’ whilst gearing up for an exciting waxing season ahead.

The HIVE®’s Hot Film Wax range is available from all good wholesalers; visit hiveofbeauty.co.uk to find out more.