Gently does it…

Expanding brand IKON.iQ Nails UK Ltd allow nail technicians to buy everything they need for a fully hypoallergenic toolkit!

When Iryna Giblett moved to Sweden in 2006 on her marriage to Bob Giblett, she brought with her her knowledge of Russian nail art. Together they created the first school in Scandinavia to teach this, and her work was published in nearly all nail magazines in Europe and the USA.

“Our original idea for the company,” explained Bob, “was to act a bridge between the best education from Russia/Ukraine and the west. At that time, the language barrier meant that much of this information was not known. We helped to introduce new techniques and were the first to publish tutorials of both the Pipe and Edge nail shapes.”

At that time, many nail artists were choosing products from many different brands in order to create their perfect toolkit.

“We saw an opportunity to create a range of products that would satisfy the most demanding users and provide these from one source, together with outstanding education,” said Bob. “This was a success, but still we saw room for improvement in the products we bought from well respected factories.”

So Bob and Iryna decided to create their own and hired a chemist.

“Our goal was not only to produce new products with the highest performance, but also that these should be hypoallergenic and avoid the ingredients that most commonly caused allergies.

“The first product, the ULTIMATE sculpting gel, was introduced in 2010. This included the first gel that allowed a 50% c-curve to be created without pinching the nail, and the brightest white gel in the market, that also could be applied in one layer.”

These products helped IKON.iQ Nails’ Educators to win many competitions; to date, they have won more than 150 medals at international competitions, in every competition category.

“Since then we have continued to develop our hypoallergenic product range,” continued Bob. “In October 2018, we launched five new products at Olympia Beauty and now have the widest range of hypoallergenic products of any manufacturer worldwide.”

The head office remains in Stockholm, while their European training center and warehouse is in Germany.

“Despite Brexit, we are creating a UK company, IKON.iQ Nails UK Ltd and are delighted to invest in the UK (my home country),” Bob told us. “The response at Olympia Beauty and at other UK events, has shown us a clear demand for unique products that are safer.”

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