Software update

With over three decades of knowledge and experience in the salon software industry, iSalon are the partner of choice for your business – the complete salon management and online booking solution for hair & beauty salons, barbers, clinics, spas and colleges.

iSalon know clients are the most important thing, so have designed iSalon with a multitude of features to perfect their in-salon experience and make a visit to the salon a highlight of their day! iSalon Software provide software to the UK hair, beauty and spa industries with the latest developments in technology and salon software.

With technology advancing daily, the team at iSalon understand the needs of their clients, ensuring they provide them with the latest developments in technology, in a simple yet effective software system. Their team are consistently researching and developing their software ensuring clients are provided with the most advanced business tools. iSalon’s comprehensive software solutions are totally adaptable, fully scalable, and tailored to meet each client’s individual needs.

Here we chat with Marketing Manager Alice Smithson about the software company itself, the products they provide, and just how important technology has become for businesses within our industry.

iSalon have been around for over 30 years, tell us a little bit more about the company itself.

The company was launched over 30 years ago and has fast become the leading software company for those within the hairdressing, beauty, spa and barbering industries. From the beginning, the goal was always to provide our clients with the highest possible standard of salon software and gradually, as technology has advanced, so have we as a business. We love helping salon owners up and down the country bring their vision to life and achieve their business goals! From our directors and professional services team to our technical support consultants and salespeople, we’re all here to assist you in making your business run smoothly and efficiently, so you can focus on delivering a great service to your clients.

Why do you think technology, such as salon software, is of great importance within this industry?

Working within such a fast-paced industry, such as hairdressing, beauty, barbering and spas, we understand more than anyone that everything can change in an instant. Following the recession in 2009/10 many people were looking at the best way to be as efficient as possible, bring in extra revenue and of course keep the costs down. Our services, such as online booking, YourApp, and text message confirmation helped salons do just that. They essentially have a 24 hour receptionist and this allowed clients and potential clients to book in 24/7. Text reminders have reduced the number of ‘no shows’ dramatically and salons have seen such a benefit from this service. The software also helps with a lot of the administration work allowing the business owner to focus on figures and reports helping to improve the business.

With the industries each being so creative it’s important that this is followed through the business, and having up to date salon software allows you to manage and monitor your team and your business!

What kind of features does software provide for businesses? How do they benefit a salon/spa/barbershop?

A whole range of features, all of which are extremely helpful to the business, and help make everything as efficient as possible. Here is a small breakdown:

Appointment Book: Book new clients, allocate treatments to specific team members and make rebooking effortless. Appointments are entered directly into your calendar, with deposits or prepayments taken when necessary.

Client Records: Improve client retention by sending automated skin test reminders, loyalty point notifications, and personalised appointment reminders – giving different clients different notice periods, resulting in fewer no-shows.

Reports: Take control of your business, increase profit, and make better decisions by understanding what’s working and what isn’t. Track every aspect of your team members’ performance, from products and services sold to absences and appointment book gaps.

Multiple Salons: Complete visibility on financial reporting, client record management, product, price and service lists, system security privileges, marketing campaigns, gift voucher redemption, sales, revenue and profit, and much more.

Till Facility: Tracks all your daily transactions – sales, discounts, promotions and loyalty points, to make month-end more efficient. Save time with easy end-of-day cashing up tool. No more late nights after a long, busy day!

Stock Control: Improve your cash-flow by managing and minimising stock wastage, identifying bestselling products and treatments, automatically generate purchase orders based on sales.

iSalon Anywhere: This allows our clients to access iSalon from anywhere in the world as long as they have an internet connection – allowing them to view everything within their system.

What additional features do you provide that could help businesses achieve growth?

iBookings, I would say, is one of our most requested features and has become extremely popular. It is a customisable online booking system for salons, we tailor the colours and images to your branding, ensuring the product is an extension of your brand. It allows the salon to take bookings and payments online and also has a last-minute appointment section called ‘squeeze me in’, which allows them to fill any spaces available on that day. Filling those last-minute appointments really can make all the difference.

With technology constantly advancing, a recent survey showed that 84% of people are now using apps more than ever. Is this the case for businesses in the industry and their clients?

Absolutely. Around two years ago, we began to realise the importance of apps and very quickly we got to work on building apps for our clients – we are proud to say many of our clients were amongst the first salons to provide their clients with a downloadable app. The app is available on both the Apple and Android stores. It is a fully native, customisable app for your salon, with registration and full setup. Your clients can use the many features including booking appointments, ‘squeeze me in’, account details, history, gift vouchers, and much more.

We also offer miSalon, which is our in-salon team engagement app – a great addition for business owners and team members. miSalon is a companion app to your iSalon system, helping you keep track of your business from your phone. The app is set up for team members and managers to use with access to targets, salon social media feed, holiday requests, in-built instant messaging, and upcoming bookings including client notes.

Whilst on the subject of social technology as such, what else are businesses asking for these days?

We had many of our customers ask us about marketing services, so we decided to launch iCreate, a full-service salon marketing agency. We understand that your business is as unique as you are, so if you want to increase your online salon presence you will need to have a marketing strategy that is attuned to meet your salons marketing objectives.

The iCreate Marketing Agency Team will take time getting to know your business and your goals to help you work on a strategy that is successful. We offer Salon Websites, Brand Design & Guidelines, Graphic Design, Social Media Management, Loyalty & Gift Cards, and Content Writing.

Can you tell what lies ahead for technology in 2019?

Technology is always advancing; each day is always different and new things are always being uncovered. Going into 2019, we have seen many print magazines go online, showing that digital is the way forward and we have also witnessed brands embrace social media. This year I think the focus will be more on the business itself, with many investing in their own personal branding and websites, taking the internet by storm.

To find out more please visit, check and and facebook icreatemarketingagency and isalonpage.