Fantastic news!

On 1st January 2023 Saks Apprenticeships will be changing its name!

Starting in the new year we will be known as KLEEK APPRENTICESHIPS with a whole new look and feel but with everything that made us the number one choice for hair and beauty apprenticeships staying exactly as it is!


The future of apprenticeships is coming!

Kleek Apprenticeships will be bright, youthful, and dynamic reflecting the fast moving and energetic world of training and being more relatable to our young audience and their cultures.

Kleek Apprenticeships will continue to offer the support, training and results that you would expect from the apprenticeship provider of the year and our team will always be there at the end of the phone, a quick e-mail or, if your nearby, at our academies for a tea and chat.

We will still be the number one apprentice training provider, with our Outstanding Ofsted rating and our National Hair and Beauty Apprenticeship Provider of the Year award and both of our academies will still be there to support your apprentices through their apprenticeships, although they will look a bit different.

We will also continue to focus on the issues which affect the younger generations, such as mental health, homelessness, physical and mental abuse all of which have been heightened during the last few years and have affected some of our apprentices.


So, how does this effect salon owners?

Our new bright, youthful and energetic brand will make finding the best apprentices even easier.

Our outstanding recruitment team will be the first that comes to mind when potential apprentices start to look for opportunities in the hair and beauty industry. We will continue our work with schools, colleges and industry colleagues to help you find the best applicants for the opportunities you have in your salon.

You and your apprentices will get fantastic support from every part of the Kleek team, from a dedicated educator for you and your apprentice to an experienced and knowledgeable head office team who can support you in all thing’s apprenticeships related.

Over the next couple of months, you will see parts of Saks Apprenticeships becoming more Kleek, our advertising and communications will be more youthful and dynamic.

Be Part of The Kleek and Belong To The Best!

If you are just starting out on the apprenticeship journey, already have apprentices at other providers or are looking to find your next intake of apprentices for the new year, look no further than Kleek Apprenticeships.

You can request your Free Employers Information Pack over on our website or give us a call on 01325 281295 we would love to chat.