Five reasons why investing in quality salon furniture is paramount for your business as told by REM.

A comfortable experience

One of the most important things of all is a comfortable experience for your customers. Sitting in a chair with ripped leather, dirty hand rests, stains and hard, uncomfortable upholstery does not form part of a great experience. You want all your visitors to be singing the praises of your salon on how comfortable and aesthetically pleasing the experience was after spending possibly hours with you – none of us want negative comments, complaints or the likelihood they will not return. 

Built to last

Yes! We all know it, buying cheap furniture is tempting but it’s guaranteed that it’s a decision that will cost you more in the long run. At the end of the day, if you buy cheap, you buy twice! It’s important to check the quality of the materials that the products are made from and that they conform to British standards. Think of high-quality furniture as that comfortable classic pair of leather boots that you couldn’t resist because they were just so gorgeous. You’ve had them for years and they’ve aged beautifully, looking timeless and stylish. They’ve never let you down and your feet never get wet in the rain.

Buy from a reputable British company

In our fast-moving lives what we need is reliability in what we buy. Buying from a reputable British company will give you peace of mind if you need any help with your furniture, including easy and accessible trained customer services that are simply a phone call away. No being transferred around, unable to discuss your issues as is often the case when buying from overseas and Far Eastern sources.

Your corporate image

It will always be true that first impressions last! The furniture you choose says a lot about your salons brand and identity. Elegant furniture will give your salon more credibility and boost your image as customers feel the need to share imagery of their daily life and their experience in your salon or spa. We can’t come and clean your windows and mirrors every day, but we can supply stunning furniture that is built to last!

Bespoke items and extra services

At REM, we want to work with you should you feel the need to buy bespoke or customized furniture unique to you and your business. With a plethora of different colours and material combinations, you can have the look you’ve always dreamed of but couldn’t find. How many times have you looked at furniture and thought “Hmm that is nice, but I would prefer the top to be a different colour” or ‘that’s gorgeous but I’m not keen on the type of wood’? Our Design Team can tailor your choice of furniture to suit your salon style.

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