Five reasons why your salon shouldn’t be without a skincare range

Five reasons why your salon shouldn’t be without a skincare range as told by Samantha Sargent, Sales and Marketing Manager for leading skincare brand AEOS.

A high quality, natural and organic brand can visibly improve the condition of your clients’ skin

There are many factors that affect the condition of our skin, including: the natural process of ageing, nutrition and water consumption, exercise, sleep, stress, over-exposure to the sun, temperature extremes and wind, pollution and toxins and skin care choices. Some of these factors we can control. Effective skincare that supports that natural function of the skin is one key area that can visibly help with improvements.

You’ll be taking away the confusion and overwhelm from your client’s lives

Never has there been a time where the skincare industry is so confusing for a consumer. There are hundreds (if not thousands) of brands to choose from. Navigating the beauty space can be very overwhelming for your clients, let alone understanding the ingredient list. Trying to understand this whilst at home shopping online, or in a department store is daunting. Having a complete skincare range within your salon can take away a lot of the confusion and overwhelm as you’ll be able to help guide your clients to the perfect combination of products to suit their personal needs and lifestyle.

It’s an opportunity to build trust and loyalty with your clients

Changes are occurring in your clients’ skin all the time. It is very helpful to become aware and notice the changes of your clients’ complexion during different seasons of the year and life stages. Hormonal changes can affect the skin and its needs, so it’s important to recommend appropriate products accordingly, so that the skin does not become dehydrated or over moisturised and thus congested. Your clients will love this extra care that you can offer.

Your clients will love the personal service

Everybody approaches their daily skincare rituals differently. Some prefer a quick no-fuss cleanse and moisturise, others love to create a sacred space every morning and evening for ultimate indulgence and pampering, and all sorts of variances in between these two ends of the spectrum. Having a complete skin care range in your salon provides the perfect opportunity for you to talk with your clients to understand their personal approach, and to then recommend products accordingly.

You’ll be in the forefront of your clients’ minds every day when they go about their skin care ritual at home

Having a skincare range in your salon that your clients love and depend upon for a healthy radiant complexion gives them every reason to return to your salon. They’ll not only love visiting you for the beautiful treatments, but they’ll also need to stop by each month to re-purchase their favourite products. When you have a brand in your salon that your clients also use at home, there’s a deeper bond between you and your customers.